Help keep your dog mobile and happy with Kinesio Taping

Help keep your dog mobile and happy with Kinesio Taping

What is Kinesio Taping, and how can it help your canine companion move with more ease?

We all love the wagging tails and wide grins of happy dogs who are eager to accompany us wherever we go — in the car, for a run, or a romp in the neighborhood park. At some point in the course every dog’s life, however, that energetic aura will change due to injury, illness or aging. Your canine friend will then need some support to return to his happy-go-lucky self.

When traditional medicine doesn’t result in the hoped-for outcome, we begin to look elsewhere. As an energetic bodywork therapist and Kinesio Taping practitioner, this is usually when I am contacted by new clients as referrals from friends, other clients, or veterinarians. Some of these cases have included:

  • Tater, an 11-year-old greyhound, hadn’t been eating, and was lethargic, losing weight, incontinent, and unable to move faster than a walk without staggering and falling
  • Zena was unable to rise from a lying position without crying out in pain, even from a very young age.
  • Jack, a large, older mixed breed, was waning in enthusiasm, due to age. His ability to navigate the hardwood floors at home continued to decline, until after many “Bambi” splits, he was barely able to get up to walk outside.

“Kinesio Taping with wisdom” is a phrase coined by Dr. Kenzo Kase, founder and creator of Kinesio Tape and its methodologies. Certified Kinesio Taping practitioners have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Inspired by cases that result in an improvement of form and function, they are highly enthusiastic about their work. Clients are often astonished at the benefits their dogs experience.

The unique properties of Kinesio Tape, along skilled application by the practitioner, form the foundation for the notable differences this treatment can create in conditions that aren’t served by traditional practices.

Perhaps your dog is struggling with postural issues, such as sitting or tracking sideways in the hindquarters. Possibly he is uncomfortable and not willing to go for a run with you, or seems to struggle to get up on the couch or into the car. Maybe your dog has had surgery, and his range of motion needs to be restored. With proper application, Kinesio Tape assists with rehabilitation by improving circulation, reducing swelling, and increasing proprioception, range of motion and more. All three of the dogs mentioned above have made remarkable improvements in function, form and quality of life.

Many additional conditions can be supported and improved with Kinesio Taping. Utilizing the knowledge and expertise of certified practitioners, “taping with wisdom” can open new pathways to improved quality of life for both young and old dogs. When our dogs are not well, we suffer with them. We want our family pictures to include happy dogs as well as people. Kinesio Taping could help make that happen!

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