How This Innovative Laser Therapy Tool Resolves Your Dog or Cat’s Pain

This revolutionary at-home cold laser therapy tool is designed to deliver quick, effective pain relief to your dog or cat.

Few things are more distressing than knowing your dog or cat is in pain. Fortunately, thanks to innovations in laser therapy, pain doesn’t have to be her lot in life. Whether she suffers from sore muscles or joint pain, is recovering from surgery or injury, or requires ongoing therapy for the general aches and pains associated with aging, agility, or work, laser therapy tools such as those from Dog Med Laser can make all the difference.


The Dog Med Laser story began back in 2010, the same year that WALT (World Association of Laser Therapy) issued a guideline stating that photobiomodulation laser therapy applied daily to humans delivered better and faster results for inflammation and pain reduction, without medications.

Inspired by this guideline, along with the clinical study results to back it up, Antares Technologies set to work developing the first human PBMT laser specially designed for home use, and achieved certification for it by 2015. Like all good innovators, however, the company didn’t stop there.


Fast forward to 2017, when Antares Technologies was developing the second version of their human home laser device. They started asking the following questions: “What about our pets? Don’t they deserve the same easy, safe, comfortable at-home pain treatment options? How can laser therapy be made enjoyable for dogs and cats that hate being taken to the vet and touched by strange equipment?” The result? Dog Med Laser was born.


While photobiomodulation therapy is already widely used by veterinarians, the Dog Med Laser is just as efficient while being more economical; and most important of all, it can be delivered at home for greater, stress-free benefits to the animal.

Using cold laser technology endorsed by the Grey Muzzle Organization, and backed by more than 8,000 clinical studies, Dog Med Laser has proven effective for reducing inflammation, reducing or eliminating pain, and accelerating wound healing. Moreover, it:

  • Underwent all the same rigorous testing as the human version before becoming certified for at-home use in 2018
  • Is 100% safe
  • Is designed with an easy-to-use brush attachment that gives back scratches animals love!
  • Has no negative side effects
  • Requires no eye protection
  • during therapy
  • Is built to last (up to 15 years)

Best of all, with their penchant for designing new devices and studying clinical research results, the Dog Med Laser team is dedicated to continually improving and providing the best solutions for animals and their people. That means new PBMT laser devices are on the horizon, aiming to bring even more relief to our dogs and cats!


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