What does it take to make the best pee pad on the planet?

Ever wonder what it takes to make the most effective, eco-friendly pee pad available? Here’s how WizSmart has turned years of experience into a premium product. What does it take to make the best pee pad on the planet? Years of market research, innovative thinking and experimenting – that’s what! With a focus on sustainability […]

When you can’t pay your vet bills

Combine the high cost of veterinary care with an unstable economy weakened by the pandemic, and it’s not surprising that a lot of people are having a hard time paying their vet bills these days. Luckily, there’s help for those who qualify. Most of us have faced unexpected vet bills at one time or another. […]

5 common ingredients to repel fleas and ticks

Help keep fleas and ticks off your dog and cat with these five common ingredients! It’s almost that time of year again…flea and tick season. Instead of reaching for chemical spot-on preventatives (which can do more harm than good), why not prevent your dog or cat from being bugged in a more natural fashion? Believe […]

Mineral deficiencies and chronic illness in dogs

Mineral deficiencies are some of the most easily preventable underlying causes of chronic illness in dogs. Here’s how ancient minerals can bridge the gap. After years of study, Dr. Linus Pauling (who won the Nobel Prize twice) concluded that you can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency. The same […]

Why your dog should eat fruits and veggies

Most people think of dogs as meat-eaters — and of course meat needs to make up a large percentage of their diet. But fruit and veggies are also beneficial to canine health and well-being. When it comes to including vegetables and fruit in the canine diet, people have different opinions. Some think it’s unnecessary; others […]

Improving indoor air quality for your animal

You might think the air inside your home is fine, but airborne pathogens and other toxins may be having an impact on your dog or cat’s health. Find out what these invisible bad guys are and how your can improve your indoor air quality. What’s in the air your dog or cat breathes? Believe it […]

Should I call the vet?

How to determine when your dog or cat needs to see a vet right away, and when it’s okay to “wait and see”. Your dog has a sudden case of diarrhea. Is it okay to let it run its course? Or perhaps your cat got a nasty scratch from another kitty. Should you take care […]

Venomous snakes and dog safety

When hiking with your dog, knowing what kind of venomous snakes you may encounter might make all the difference. Despite the joy we find on a vigorous trail hike, a slithering surprise underfoot will send many of us straight back to the trailhead. Even the most experienced trail runner can be scared stiff by an […]

A natural approach to flea and tick control

Want to protect your dog and cat against fleas and ticks, but aren’t a fan of harsh chemical repellents? Here’s why natural products are worth exploring! Since I began practicing veterinary medicine over 25 years ago, the way we control fleas and ticks in our companion animals has changed dramatically. Numerous options for flea and […]

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