Why do cats gag?

Does your cat gag a lot? While some gagging is normal and natural, it may signal a health issue if it happens often. Your cat is standing in the middle of the kitchen floor when she hunches over and starts to gag. A few moments later, up comes a hairball or a few pieces of […]

Give Your Dog a Fresh Start with Fresh Food!

Pet parents often feel torn between feeding their dogs kibble and finding a fresh, convenient alternative. PawFoods creates wholesome, ready-to-serve meals that are healthy and delicious—a perfect balance between easy and nutritious! Given the choice between eating processed food pellets or freshly cooked meals every day, which would you choose? Likely, your dog would also […]

Why you should weigh your cat every month

Your cat’s weight is one of the most important indicators of her well-being. Weighing her once a month can help you catch health problems early on. Did you know that your cat’s weight is one of the most important clues to her state of health? Weight loss or gain can be an early warning sign […]

Why does your cat stare at you?

Does your feline friend constantly challenge you to staring contests? Here’s why! One of the most common behaviors cats are known for is staring at their humans for long periods without blinking. If you’ve noticed your own kitty giving you uninterrupted stares, and are wondering what it means, read on! YOUR CAT MIGHT BE HUNGRY […]

Should your cat sleep on your bed?

Few things are more cuddly than a slumbering cat. Let’s look at the pros and cons of allowing your kitty to sleep on your bed at night. For as long as I’ve had cats, they’ve slept on the bed with me. Although their sleeping preferences varied as much as their coat colors, one thing they’ve […]

Essential fatty acids for dogs and cats with arthritis

Which essential fatty acids (EFAs) do dogs and cats need as supplements, and how do they work to help alleviate the inflammation associated with arthritis? As our dogs and cats age, they are increasingly likely to develop osteoarthritis and other joint problems. There are many natural and holistic ways to help keep our animals mobile […]

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