Give Your Dog a Fresh Start with Fresh Food!

Pet parents often feel torn between feeding their dogs kibble and finding a fresh, convenient alternative. PawFoods creates wholesome, ready-to-serve meals that are healthy and delicious—a perfect balance between easy and nutritious!

Given the choice between eating processed food pellets or freshly cooked meals every day, which would you choose? Likely, your dog would also make the same choice, but most people don’t have time to cook for themselves daily, let alone themselves and their dogs.

Some pet parents instead go the route of raw diets. This at least eliminates the need to cook for your pup, but there can be issues with this type of diet as well. So what are busy pet parents to do when they want to feed their dogs fresh, healthy meals that don’t take time? The answer might be simpler than you think!

Many Pet Parents Are Moving Away from Kibble

Kibble has long been the quick and convenient way to feed our four-legged friends. It has a long shelf life, comes in a variety of recipes, is available for dogs at different life stages, and can be nutritionally balanced.

But savvy pet parents have come to realize that not all the ingredients in kibble are beneficial. A lot of the formulations contain fillers, artificial preservatives and dyes, low-quality proteins, by-products, and other ingredients that can trigger allergies and sensitivities.

Raw Diets Have Their Own Drawbacks

Some people turned to raw diets as an alternative to kibble. The raw diet typically consists of meat, organs, bones, and some produce. The idea was it was healthier because it mimicked the diet of wild dogs and canine ancestors.

Raw diets have some advantages, including that they give pet parents more control over what their dogs are eating. At the same time, there are disadvantages, including:

  • It still takes time to prepare meals (even without cooking)
  • Your pup might not get all the nutrients they need
  • There’s a risk of contamination and food poisoning

A Tasty, Nutritious, Convenient Alternative That’s Safe

PawFoods was born from the idea that dogs deserve better than kibble but need something safer and easier than raw food. Each recipe is carefully crafted for nutritional balance and made with premium USDA meats, organic fruits and veggies, and gluten-free superfoods that are packed with vitamins and minerals. The fresh ingredients are lightly steamed to kill pathogens while preserving maximum nutrients.

What’s more, the mess-free meals are ready-to-serve, so it takes no more time than scooping a cup of kibble! Have a dog with allergies? One who needs to lose some weight? A picky eater? There are three mouth-watering recipes to choose from that come in custom sizes, so there’s something to suit every pup!

Visit PawFoods to learn how simple it can be to feed your dog fresh, healthy, tasty food every day!


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