The Best Diet for Preventing Obesity in Cats

Cats are not small dogs. This is especially true when it comes to feeding them. This article looks at the type of diet cats have evolved to eat, feeding problems that lead to obesity and other issues, and how to help keep your cat lean and healthy throughout her life.

Tackling Obesity in Dogs and Cats — With Simple Low-Cal Recipes to Try

Obesity in dogs and cats has reached an all-time high. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention states that more than 50% of our dogs are overweight. Meanwhile, 25% of cats in the Western world are overweight, according to the United States National Research Council. Let’s look at the signs of obesity in dogs and cats, and why it’s so bad for their health. We’ll also discuss the best approach to this common problem, and present some easy and healthy low-calorie recipes that can help your best friend shed some weight.

Essential fatty acids for dogs and cats with arthritis

Which essential fatty acids (EFAs) do dogs and cats need as supplements, and how do they work to help alleviate the inflammation associated with arthritis? As our dogs and cats age, they are increasingly likely to develop osteoarthritis and other joint problems. There are many natural and holistic ways to help keep our animals mobile […]

Cauliflower ear in cats

Cauliflower ear isn’t just a boxer’s affliction. It can also appear in cats, and relatively common, especially among stray and feral cats. My sister just adopted a cat with a strange crinkled ear,” says Karen. “We have no idea what caused it, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him. Was he born that way, […]

Interactive play for cats

Daily interactive play is a great way to help keep your feline fit, svelte and content. If you’re like most cat lovers, you probably buy all kinds of toys for your kitty, only to discover that he quickly loses interest in them after a few days or sometimes even a few hours. The fact is, […]

Essential fatty acids for felines

Essential fatty acids not only give your cat a sleek coat and healthy skin but they can also help reduce inflammation and protect against cancer. We hear a lot these days about reducing our fat intake, not only in ourselves, but in our animals as well. But the important thing to remember is that fats […]

Top 5 herbs for cats

Herbs that can naturally and effectively treat a variety of common feline health problems, with minimal risk of side effects. Cats are sensitive creatures and susceptible to a variety of health conditions. While conventional medications are effective, they may come with unpleasant side effects and high price tags. Cat lovers looking for alternative options might […]

Raw feeding your cat

Raw feeding is one of the healthiest choices you can make for your kitty. But here are two things you need to know before making the switch. Have heard or read about the benefits of raw meat-based diets? Raw proponents believe because cats evolved eating whole, raw prey animals that modern cats should be fed […]

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