Why does your cat stare at you?

Cat staring

Does your feline friend constantly challenge you to staring contests? Here’s why!

One of the most common behaviors cats are known for is staring at their humans for long periods without blinking. If you’ve noticed your own kitty giving you uninterrupted stares, and are wondering what it means, read on!


In many cases, cats stare at their humans because they want to be fed! Truth be told,
you’ve probably encouraged this form of behavior without even realizing it. If you tend to feed your whiskered friend or offer her treats when she makes prolonged eye contact, you’re reinforcing the behavior! Through association, she has learned that staring at you results in something tasty!


If food isn’t what your cat is after, perhaps she’s just seeking attention! If that’s the case, her staring may quickly turn to rubbing against your legs or gentle kneading on your lap. Some kitties just like to receive an invitation before approaching their people, so next time you catch your kitty staring at you, call her over and see if she’s looking for some stroking or a gentle scratch behind the ears.


Cats tend to have trust issues, which is why it often takes days for a feline to warm up to a new human. If you recently adopted a cat and have noticed her staring at you, that’s a good sign! Cats avoid eye contact with people they don’t trust, so her gaze is a sure sign that she feels safe.

If her gaze is accompanied by a few slow blinks, that’s even better! Cats blink slowly at people to show affection, so if she gradually closes her eyelids and then reopens them and continues to stare, you’re probably one of her favorite people.


Cats are inquisitive creatures, and they like to know what’s going on in their environment. If you’re busy doing something, whether it’s sorting laundry, fixing a faucet, or sitting at your computer or sewing machine, and your cat starts to stare at you, she might just be curious about what you’re doing.

In most cases, staring is a very normal (and positive) feline behavior. Take it as a sign of love and trust, and offer your kitty some slow blinks so she knows the feeling is mutual!

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