Dog and Cat Dental Health: Controlling Plaque and Tartar at Home

Good oral health for dogs and cats is about good oral hygiene to support their teeth, gums, and keep breath fresh. Regular brushing is a great start, but there are also quick and easy supplements that naturally help to control plaque and tartar to help maintain healthy gums.

Controlling plaque and tartar can be hard enough in humans who brush regularly, let alone in dogs and cats who aren’t always on board with daily dental care. But good oral hygiene is imperative because their dental health plays a role in whole-body health. It promotes fresh breath, teeth, and overall periodontal health. The good news is there are nutrient-rich products on the market that support oral health, keep the breath fresh, and fight plaque and tartar daily. Let’s learn more about the role tartar and plaque play in dental health.

What Are Plaque and Tartar?

A dog’s or cat’s mouth is full of good and bad bacteria. They help break up sugars and proteins, kickstarting digestion and making it easier for the stomach to break down food. While the bacteria have an important function in the mouth, they can cause concerns for the teeth and oral health.

Plaque is a sticky bacterial film that forms on the gums and teeth. It develops when bacteria in the mouth interact with sugars and starches from food, producing acids that can make it difficult for your pet to maintain proper tooth enamel integrity. Regular brushing and good oral hygiene help to eliminate plaque. However, when you don’t remove plaque regularly, it can harden into tartar. Tartar is a more solid and mineralized form of plaque.

Another problem is you can’t remove tartar with regular brushing. It provides a rough surface for more plaque to accumulate, so it becomes even harder to maintain good oral hygiene.

A Dental Supplement That Helps Control Plaque and Tartar

Spirited Paw’s new Dental Pet Supplement for Tartar & Plaque Control is an easy-to-use powder—just sprinkle over food or a treat—that helps to control plaque and tartar and freshen breath in dogs and cats. Uniquely formulated with nutrient-rich and research-supported ingredients like organic kelp, parsley, and alfalfa. It’s also formulated with minerals that support healthy teeth and gums and help in the mineralization process of tooth enamel. Add to your dog’s or cat’s diet daily to support a healthy smile, enhance your regular dental routine, and control plaque and tartar while also promoting fresh breath.

Visit Spirited Paw today to learn more.


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