7 Reasons to Try Wet Food for Dogs and Cats

Whether you have a dog or cat who won’t eat or drink enough, has a sensitive tummy, or is getting older and having trouble with kibble, wet food can help! If your fur baby is having food issues, here are seven benefits of wet food for dogs and cats.

Kibble is one of the most popular diet choices for dogs and cats because it is convenient and easy to store, has a long shelf life, is relatively affordable, and comes in a large selection of recipes. But wet food options like stews and canned entrées share many of the same benefits as kibble and even have several of their own. Whether you want to switch your fur baby to wet food or add it to their regular diet, here are some of the best reasons to feed wet food for dogs and cats.

1. Added Hydration

Dogs and cats don’t always drink enough water, and it can be difficult to encourage them to drink more. Making sure they have access to clean, fresh water can help, but it’s not always enough. And that’s where wet food for dogs and cats can help. It has a higher moisture content compared to dry food, so it gets them to consume more water. This is particularly beneficial for cats, who are often prone to urinary tract issues when they get older, don’t drink enough, or have underlying health conditions.

2. Extra Nutrients

High-quality wet food provides balanced nutrition. It can be an additional source of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals when you add it to your dog’s or cat’s regular diet. Adding wet food to the daily mix ensures they get the full range of nutrients.

Alternatively, if you want to switch your dog or cat to a strictly wet diet, it can provide all the essential nutrients for canine and feline health.

3. Deliciousness!

Wet food is like a gourmet meal for dogs and cats. It’s soft and savory with a meaty aroma. This can be especially useful for picky eaters. Just mixing in some stew with their regular food can make meals more enticing.

4. Digestion

The body needs water to process food, so wet food can help improve digestion thanks to its higher moisture content, particularly for dogs and cats that aren’t drinking enough. Because of this, wet food may also be easier on the tummy for some fur babies.

5. Weight Management

Depending on the formulation of the wet food, it may help your dog or cat manage their weight or even lose a few pounds. Wet food for dogs and cats may be higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates and calories, so replacing even some of their regular food with wet can potentially help them maintain a healthy weight.

6. Adding Spice to Their Life  

One of the reasons rotational feeding is so beneficial is because it keeps animals interested in their food. Adding wet food to their diet can achieve the same goal. By adding something new to their bowl (and changing up the recipe regularly), you can prevent food boredom and keep mealtimes happy!

7. Chewability

Older dogs and cats are more prone to dental problems, and this can translate to them not eating enough and losing weight. The same can happen if your senior has a reduced appetite. Wet food is easy to eat and highly palatable, so it’s great for older dogs and cats.

Your Best Source for Wet Food for Dogs and Cats

NutriSource wet foods feature the highest-quality ingredients, compact nutrition, and everything cats and dogs need to thrive. Whether you want to switch your fur baby to a new diet, incorporate wet food into their daily routine, or start rotational feeding, all life stages NutriSource, limited-ingredient PureVita, or high-animal-protein Element Series recipes are just what the doctor ordered!


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