5 Great Reasons for Adopting a Senior Dog

When it comes to adopting a dog, most people prefer to take home a young and energetic pup. A recent study of an animal shelter found that senior dogs were more likely to spend longer in the shelter compared to their younger counterparts.

There are many advantages of adopting a senior dog that people often overlook: let’s explore five of the benefits and why giving an older pup a second chance might just be the best decision you make.

1. Adopting a Senior Dog Is Good for the Soul

Giving an older dog a second chance at finding a loving forever home can be incredibly rewarding. Many senior dogs have spent a lot of their lives in shelters, and giving them a warm, quiet bed to sleep in can make them feel safe. Enriching the last years of a dog’s life by providing them with a loving home, new experiences, and delicious treats is an act of kindness that can mean the world to them and make you feel great.

2. They’re House-Trained

One of the biggest advantages of adopting a senior dog is that they are usually house-trained. Unlike puppies, older dogs have developed bladder control and understand that their bathroom is outside. This saves time and means less cleaning up after accidents and saving on indoor dog potties or pee pads.

3. They Have Less Energy

Older pups tend to be less energetic than younger dogs. Before adopting, ask the shelter about the dog’s typical energy levels and how much exercise they need. Less energetic seniors are perfect for people with busy and stressful schedules. Of course, they do still need regular exercise, but often much less than younger puppies.

4. Lots of Love to Give

Countless pet parents who have adopted senior dogs agree that their new companions are greatly appreciative of their loving homes. You can see instant relief in their eyes when they lie down in their forever home for the first time.

Senior dogs are full of love, loyalty, and affection and can form strong bonds with their new family. There will be a transition period, but with a little patience and understanding, your new family member will settle in and become your best friend.

5. Fewer Expenses

Puppies often come with costly expenses that older dogs don’t have. Bills you won’t need to worry about when adopting a senior dog include:

  • Puppy vaccinations
  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Obedience classes
  • House-training supplies

Final Thoughts

Although adopting a senior dog might not be your first choice, an older pup could be the perfect fit and a loyal companion. Senior dogs have plenty of love and life left in them: All they need is a loving forever home.


Hannah Fitchett

Hannah is the proud dog mom of Makai, a Wolfdog with a penchant for naps and snacks. Hannah has a strong love for all animals, but a special fondness for dogs. With a master’s degree in chemistry and a love for writing, Hannah aims to share the latest scientific studies and expert knowledge with dog lovers worldwide through her blog, Howling Wolf Pack.

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