Does Your Dog Pee in the House? Find Out Why and How You Can Help

You go to great lengths to teach your puppy not to pee in the house, so what’s a pet parent to do when an adult dog starts making messes inside? Active Chews Cranberry Chews for Dogs can help keep puddles at bay by supporting healthy bladders.

As a dog parent, you expect to find little pools around the house when you bring a new puppy into your family. But what about when those puddles start happening again when your dog is older and already housetrained?

Lots of things can cause incontinence in dogs, including genetic issues and medical conditions, and it’s important to rule those out first. We highly recommend you first speak to your veterinarian if your adult doggo is not able to hold it for as long as they once were.

Supplements like Active Chews Cranberry Chews can support canine health by maintaining normal function of the urinary tract.

What Causes Incontinence in Dogs?

Once a dog is housetrained, you quickly forget what it’s like always cleaning up after your pup. But as some pet parents learn, dog bladder control can continue to be an issue past puppyhood.

Canine urinary incontinence has a lot of causes. For example, a dog with separation anxiety might pee in the house when left alone.

Then there’s something called spay incontinence, which can happen with female dogs later in life. As the dog gets older, her bladder and urethra muscles can weaken because of lower estrogen levels. This can lead to leaky pipes where your pupper may not even realize they have drippies.

Those are two of the most common causes of incontinence in dogs, but there are others as well, including:

  • Birth defects or abnormalities in the dog’s anatomy
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Bladder stones
  • Problems with the spinal cord
  • Hormones
  • Genetic disorders
  • Medications
  • Certain diseases
  • Problems with the prostate

How to Treat Incontinence in Dogs

How to stop prevent your 4-legged friend from peeing in the house starts with finding the root cause. Typically, that will mean a trip to the vet because it’s important to rule out medical issues.

Depending on the cause, Active Chews Cranberry Chews for Dogs can be an excellent supplement to support your puppy health. These all-natural supplements contain bladder-supporting ingredients like cranberry, apple cider vinegar, and uva ursi leaf.

Thanks to the combination of premium ingredients, Cranberry Chews can help to strengthen your dog’s bladder and help promote a healthy urinary tract

Our chews promote bladder strength and immune support for pups of all ages. What’s more, the daily chews are made with real turkey, so your dog will L-O-V-E the flavor and look forward to having them each day! And the best part: if you’re not completely satisfied with Active Chews Cranberry Chews for Dogs, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days.

Visit Active Chews today to learn more about how Cranberry Chews for Dogs help support bladder health, and to see the brand’s full selection of probiotic chews, hip and joint chews, fish oils, and more.

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