Odor Elimination Made Simple—and Permanent

We love our fur darlings so much, but with all that love and fun comes the occasional downside — such as odors. Many products on the market make a lot of promises, but do not deliver. Most just mask odors. Unfortunately, masking Rover’s accident with an artificial floral scent does nothing to improve the situation. On the contrary, it just creates a toxic affront to your senses and his.

Enter BioFog’s SCOE10X. This odor eliminator doesn’t just mask bad smells; it actually eats the bacteria that create the odor. You might be thinking: “Sure, but it’s likely full of chemicals and toxins.” You’d be wrong. SCOE10X is absolutely safe for you and your animals, as well as your furniture.

SCOE10X’s biodegradable-enzymatic formula isn’t like any other product on the market. It’s actually a probiotic, like the capsule you’d get from a health food store to balance your gut bacteria. It latches onto the biological compounds of an odor to attack and destroy all odor-causing properties. It annihilates bacterial food sources, eliminating the smell forever. Your carpet will look and smell as if that little nightmare never happened.

This powerful odor eliminator works to permanently eradicate animal excretion odors, as well as other organic smells such as smoke, fuel, vomit, perspiration, rotting garbage and even the neighborhood skunk.

SCOE10X is safe to use indoors or outdoors, on any animal or plant, and can even be applied directly to your dog or cat. It has none of the potentially dangerous fragrances, alcohol or solvents that other products use. It’s also safe to use on any colorfast materials, including wood, concrete, metal, plastic, leather or fabric.

As if that isn’t enough, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that SCOE10x is a green product and is completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. It also boasts a shelf life of two years. In fact, BioFOG believes so strongly in their product that they’re offering a 100% odor elimination guarantee, or your money back!

So don’t despair if Felicia the Feline decides to move her litterbox to your favorite chair, or Connor the Canine eats something nasty and then brings it back up on your carpet. It won’t matter if Darling Toulouse decides to mark your living room as his own, or if Bashful Bowser eats Darling Toulouse’s cat food and is lamenting it on your new sofa. SCOE10X has your back!

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