4 Reasons Your Vet Might Be Using a Veterinary Virtual Assistant

Veterinarians everywhere are hiring veterinary virtual assistants. This might have some pet parents wondering why, how patients might benefit, how it helps vets, and whether it’s good for dogs and cats. Spoiler Alert: It IS good for your pups and kitties!

Veterinary virtual assistants make life easier for veterinarians, technicians, and staff. With their help, in-house staff can spend more time where they’re needed: helping your fur babies! Here are the top four reasons why your vet may use veterinary virtual assistants.

1) They Have a Diverse Range of Skills

There’s a lot more to running a vet’s office than examining animals. There are clerical and administrative duties as well, and sometimes you need extra people to make everything run smoothly. Veterinary virtual assistants have many different skills and can help with:

  • Answering calls
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Verifying insurance
  • Managing prescription refills
  • Reviewing charts
  • Documenting procedures
  • Coordinating lab requisitions
  • Obtaining referrals
  • Preparing insurance claims
  • And so much more!

2) They’re Always Available

Because it takes so many helping hands to operate a vet’s office, it can be difficult to find enough people who are consistently available. Veterinary virtual assistants choose when and where they work, and there’s a large pool of people for vets to pull from. That means your vet can always find somebody to help out!

3) They’re Experts

Veterinary virtual assistants decide what services they offer and can specialize in certain roles and tasks. For example, someone can train to be a virtual receptionist, assistant, scribe, or billing assistant. They receive extensive training in these fields and become experts in the skills required to perform their duties. That means veterinary virtual assistants can make a practice more efficient and better equipped to handle more patients.

4) They Ensure Animals Get the Care They Need

Many vets and in-house staff are overworked and have mountains of paperwork to get through. This takes their attention away from the furry patients that need it the most and prevents them from taking on new patients as well.

Veterinary virtual assistants take a lot of work off the vet’s and in-house staff’s plates so they can give more care to the dogs, cats, and other animals who come through the office.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Now that vets are padding their staff with virtual assistants, the need for highly-skilled veterinary virtual assistants is on the rise. Luckily, there are staffing services like My Mountain Mover that carefully select the best virtual assistants for your vet.

My Mountain Mover has virtual assistants that cover services like billing, scheduling, customer assistance, administrative work, scribe services, and much more. Your vet’s life is easier and more stress-free with My Mountain Mover!

Visit My Mountain Mover to learn more about veterinary virtual assistants.

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