Creating Healthy Meals for Your Dog—Even if You’re Strapped for Time

We all want our dogs to be healthy, but let’s face it — busy schedules sometimes interfere with our ability to create wholesome meals for ourselves, and our furry family members. While raw, homemade food would likely be the ideal choice if we did have time and access to all the ingredients, the cost of buying and accessing select ingredients these days can also be a deterrent. Sometimes, we just have to admit we can’t do it all.

There is a solution, though. If you were to swap 25% of your dog’s daily diet with fresh foods, such as nutrient-dense raw proteins, fruits and vegetables, including freeze dried sources, that would mean you’ve cut down on ultra-processed food and replaced it with higher quality nutrition. Even at 20-25%, recent studies show that this amount could make a significant positive impact on the long-term health and well-being of your beloved canine, and most likely easier for you to manage.

Choosing the Right Mixer

If you’re going to mix fresher whole foods into your dog’s bowl, bear in mind that some whole food brands boast a better nutritional profile than others. Look to a trusted source, such as award-winning Side by Side pet food, to really come through for your fur babies in terms of nutrition and safety. As their website states, Side by Side’s human grade food is “better than homemade”, with the addition of species-appropriate ingredients like organ meat and ground bones, as well as other nutrients that provide a complete and balanced whole food diet for your dog.

Minimal Processing

Prolonged high-heat cooking destroys important enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and many additional nutrients. Side by Side’s freeze-drying process locks in the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, giving your dog’s digestive system the best chance at absorbing the high quality nourishment in every bowl. In addition, Side by Side uses whole food ingredients you know and trust, these ingredients are primarily sourced in the U.S., and include nutrition rich foods like duck, wild salmon, parsley, seed blends, chamomile flowers and pumpkin, to round out a wholesome blend.

You Want the Best for Your Dog

We can’t be all things to all people — or all dogs. But there is one simple thing we can do to ease our minds and support our much-loved canines. If just one-quarter of your dog’s meal features a high quality food like Side by Side, the potential health effects are substantial and could make the difference between a healthy companion and an unhealthy one. So why not give yourself and your dog a break and try something simple yet nutritious?

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