Animal Hospice Group Provides Education and Support for End-of-life Care

Whether you need care support for your dog or cat during his final weeks or months, or would like to become a certified animal hospice practitioner, this organization can help

As our dogs and cats age, the time inevitably comes when we need to start thinking about end-of-life care. More and more people are turning to animal hospice for their companions’ last weeks or months. Based on the principles of human hospice care, animal hospice helps ensure that a dog or cat in the final stages of life is comfortable and cared for. It also helps provide peace of mind and consolation for his human family.

“Animal hospice is a team-oriented, interdisciplinary approach providing compassionate quality care and support on a physical, emotional, social, and spiritual level throughout the end-of-life process,” says Gail Pope of Animal Hospice Group (AHG). “It’s tailored to the needs and wishes of the patient and his or her family.”

The Benefits of Animal Hospice

An animal guardian may choose hospice care in order to have time to say goodbye to their companion, to plan for the death, and to ensure that all decisions are guided by their personal view of their dog or cat’s particular needs and requirements. “If you have the resources to support comfort care, the time and desire to care for your animal during his or her last days or weeks, and a good support team in place, then hospice care may be the right choice for you,” adds Gail.

Making a Connection

AHG’s mission is to connect with both animal guardians and hospice practitioners to support, educate, empower, and inspire; the organization works toward a day when all caregivers and their animals have ready availability to animal hospice and palliative care support and guidance through an interdisciplinary team approach.

AGH also offer a Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner program that anyone can apply to — no prior qualifications are required. The program includes nine modules followed by a comprehensive examination. A passing grade results in a Certificate of Completion and allows the student to proceed to the Internship and Helpline, Module 10, at any given point in the future. “Once the Helpline Practicum and Examination have also been passed, the graduate earns the title of Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner (CAHP),” says Gail. Meanwhile, animal parents who are looking for a qualified CAHP to help them and their dogs and cats through end-of-life care, will be able to find a list of AHG qualified practitioners on the website. “Educational materials and support will also be provided to the public as part of our free Animal Hospice Helpline service, launching this summer,” adds Gail.

Preparing to say goodbye to a beloved dog or cat is never easy, but animal hospice can help make the transition less stressful, both physically and emotionally.

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