Holistic vets who work with animal communicators

Holistic vets who work with animal communicators  

Once dismissed as bogus, animal communication is starting to be taken more seriously by holistic veterinarians, some of who are now working with communicators to help enhance patient care.

Animal communicators have been around almost as long as holistic veterinarians. But it’s only been more recently that they’ve started working together as a way to enhance care for their clients and patients, respectively.

For those unfamiliar with animal communication, the practice involves telepathic communication with an animal through images, emotions, and sensations that are then interpreted into verbal language for humans to understand. An animal communicator isn’t a medical doctor (or an inexpensive alternative to medical attention!) and she isn’t legally permitted to diagnose or prescribe. However, animal communication weds well with holistic veterinary diagnoses and treatments, as well as energy medicine such as Reiki and homeopathy.  It adds another dimension to vet care by giving the animal a chance to have a say in his treatment; often, the animal knows what is best for his own well-being.

Team players

Holistic vets and animal communicators are a natural pairing. Thanks to their background in working with alternative modalities, holistic vets are more open to working with animal communicators, with the latter acting as interpreters for the animals.

A holistic vet works with animal communicators

Holistic vet Dr. Anna Maria Wolf recognizes the importance of communicating with an animal to see what lies beyond a health or behavioral concern. She cites one case involving a cat with litter box issues. Veterinary medicine is realizing that stress can play a big role in such problems, which were previously given a blanket diagnosis of urinary tract infection. An animal communicator can help get to the bottom of litter box issues by figuring out what might be causing the stress and emotional upset.

“In this case, the client didn’t realize that a neighborhood cat was coming into the yard and triggering behavioral issues in her own cat,” says Dr. Wolf. It was only by having an animal communicator converse with the cat that this information was discovered. “Animal communicators can also help communicate to the animal about things that can help, as well as provide practical suggestions for the guardian.”

Dr. Wolf has recommended working with animal communicators to her colleagues. “I think a fair number of holistic vets are interested or open to animal communicators being involved with their cases, to help the healing process,” she says. “There’s skepticism among allopathic vets, who I don’t see as being as open or receptive. But even among those I know, there have been situations in which the veterinarian was surprised and couldn’t explain what the communicator said.”

An animal communicator collaborates with vets

Animal communicator and certified classical homeopath, Donna Lozito, has been practicing since 1994 and has successfully collaborated with both holistic and conventional vets. She learned animal communication from her horse, who was ill at the time, has been a guest on Animal Planet, and has made other media appearances.

“A conventional veterinarian may want to locate a physical issue when diagnostics are questionable,” Donna says, as an example. “When I tune into an animal, I can locate the area of pain or discomfort. Meanwhile, a homeopathic veterinarian can confirm a selected remedy with information communicated from the animal. The vet seeks to understand both the emotional and physical state of the animal, to choose a remedy that will support healing on both levels.”

Since dogs and cats don’t speak human language, we’re often left trying to solve mysteries about their behaviors or health concerns. Pairing an animal communicator with a veterinarian can help enhance animal care by answering some of these more puzzling questions. If your vet isn’t open to working with an animal communicator, you can still consult one separately for more insight into your dog or cat’s situation or condition. Either way, incorporating animal communication into your animal’s veterinary care can bring well-being to a whole new level.

Also, consulting with an Online Vet can be an option to consider while diving deeper into your pet’s behavior and health issues. With certified vet help available at the tip of your finger from anywhere in the world, you’re free to get your answers to puzzling questions even faster and being able to connect the dots in a cooperation with an animal communicator.

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