Healthier harnesses are a cut above

Healthier harnesses are a cut above

Check out these practical “works of art” and other accessories from Puccissimé Pet Couture.

A few weeks into puppy class, Alix McNeill’s trainer recommended she try a prong collar for her beagle mix, Daisy.

“I was a bit shocked and heartbroken,” explains Alix. “Yes, Daisy was pulling when we walked, but there was no way I was going to use one of those devices.”

Instead, Alix changed trainers, hit the internet and found a unique no-pull harness that has proved the perfect solution for Daisy’s needs. Created by Puccissimé Pet Couture, the no-pull, no-mat harness was originally inspired by a Norwegian dog harness designed for canines trained for jogging, cycling and pulling sleds. The lightweight accessory ticks all the boxes for Alix.

“it’s easy to put on, gentle on Daisy, works amazing, and I love the fashion-forward designs,” says Alix, an account executive. “The harness is part of a matching set so Daisy always looks so put-together when we go out!”

A self-professed fashionista, Alix did her homework when it came to quality, too. “Honestly, I’m so done with fast fashion,” admits the pet mom. “All the accessories from Puccissimé are super high quality, made here in North America, and with a price tag I can afford.”

While Puccissimé is best-known for its unique one-click, easy-wear harness, the company offers a variety of luxury fashion items for small and medium-sized dogs. From leashes and collars to bowties and flowers, the hand-crafted pieces in their collections are considered works of art by pet parents.

The company is the brainchild of Ahoo Entesarian, who relocated to the UK from Canada in 2016 to study fashion design. Working alone at home, Ahoo decided to adopt a dog to keep her company. When Raisin, a toy poodle, came into her life, she knew she had found her passion.

“Raisin was a puller and her hair was constantly matted from wearing common harnesses,” says Ahoo. I decided to design one myself that’s not only easy-to-wear and practical, but trendy and pretty too!”

After friends commissioned her to create handmade harnesses and matching sets for their own dogs, the business was born.

Moving back to Vancouver, Canada, Ahoo made a commitment to keep her collections 100% made in North America. The products are crafted using the highest quality leather, 100% cotton, and heavy-duty metal hardware mostly made in Canada and the U.S.

Loyal customers appreciate that the practical collections follow current trends, so they can update accessories as budget allows.

“Sometimes when we’re out walking, it’s like we’re on the red carpet,” Alix says with a grin. “People stop and ask me what Daisy is ‘wearing’. Then I show them how the harness works and they’re blown away. I love that!”


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