Soothing your pet’s car travel anxiety

Does the thought of car travel terrify your pet? Travel anxiety can be soothed through innovative traveling bed.

As exciting as car travel can be for many pets, for some it’s a nightmare on wheels. One of the ways to calm your pet’s travel anxiety is to make the space more familiar to them using the comforts of home. Putting their own bed in the car can help a lot, but not every dog or cat bed is safe for road trips.

Innovative attachments for both bed and car

The Ultimate Pet Bed has come up with the perfect idea for both home and the car. The pet bed attaches to the end or side of your bed, at home, keeping nightly animal/human jockeying for space issues down to a dull roar. When you are leaving on a road trip, simply press a button, unclip the bed basket from the mattress frame, and reattach it to the car frame for travel. Upon arrival, unclip the bed basket from the car seat attachment and place anywhere in the room at your destination.

The patented functionality of the 3-in-1 bed is unique. The frame securely slides between your mattress and box spring or mattress and bed frame or attaches to your car seat by buckling into your car’s frame. That’s what sets it apart from other beds. You can use the same bed for multiple purposes, thereby minimizing multiple purchases for various sleeping arrangements. Or you can purchase one for bed use, and a separate one for car and floor use. In fact, many customers have done just that! 

Pets can see out the window while traveling

When attached to the car seat frame, The Ultimate Pet Bed allows your furry loved ones to have an eye-level view out the window. This can help them stay in their bed without wandering or feeling the need to stand up. Watching out the window can help keep them entertained and may even help alleviate car sickness.

As well, having a familiar place for your dog to ride in comfort can also help prevent them from needing to be near you, in the front seat, which is often distracting to the driver. So, it’s a lot safer for everyone!

Comfort and convenience

Using your pet’s own bed when traveling gives them the same smells, cozy fabric and comfort of home that goes a long way towards making them feel snug and secure. Not only will your cat or dog appreciate you, so will whoever is on the receiving end of your trip. Let’s face it, some dogs are shedders, some aren’t. If your host doesn’t share quite the same appreciation for your pet as you do, they’ll be a lot happier if your pet is sleeping in their own bed.

While sleeping in a new location may also be anxiety-inducing for your pet, sleeping in their own bed will make for a better night’s sleep for everyone. And who doesn’t want that?


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