Ageless Paws – helping pet lovers return the favor

Ageless Paws – helping pet lovers return the favor

Ageless Paws founder, Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, took 40 years of human heart health expertise and created a company devoted to the pets his patients loved the most.

With adoring gazes, unbridled affection, loyalty and constant companionship, our pets genuinely love us for who we are – free of judgements and conditions. This special bond is the reason why Dr. Stephen Sinatra – a physician, certified nutrition specialist and bioenergetic psychotherapist – gave his patients the unusual prescription of getting a dog or cat.

“Our pets give us so much,” says Dr.  Sinatra. “They comfort us when we’re down and remind us that life should be lived in the moment and with enthusiasm.” Dr. Sinatra saw firsthand throughout his career how stress and loneliness increased patients’ risk of heart attack and stroke. “Loss of a vital connection in our lives results in heartbreak, a hidden yet serious cardiac risk factor. A pet’s unconditional love can help fill that void and heal that heartbreak.”

It’s true, pets are powerful stress relievers and help keep us healthy! But with so many of us relying on the unconditional love of our furry friends, Dr. Sinatra wondered what we could do to pay them back.

Returning the favor

For as long as he could remember, pets have been a great source of joy for Dr. Sinatra. “Whether it was our family cat or my own dogs that I used to bring to work with me, animals have always had a special place in my heart.” With all the ways pets enhance lives, Dr. Sinatra knew he wanted to help his patients ensure their cats and dogs lived their best and longest lives.

After 25 years formulating dietary supplements for humans, Dr. Sinatra turned to pet health, extending his diet and nutrition expertise to pet products. What was born was Ageless Paws, a line of healthy treats, food toppers and supplements for dogs and cats, with a key component: Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant compound for dogs and cats that helps support cardiovascular health, as well as gum health, immune health, and stamina. While CoQ10 helps protect against oxidative stress, it also helps the body make cellular energy, especially needed by heart cells. Although bodies make CoQ10, production slows down around middle age – supplementing with CoQ10 can help our pets’ bodies make the energy needed to stay in peak health!

As a leading CoQ10 expert, Dr. Sinatra considers it the number one ingredient for heart health and saw great successes when prescribing CoQ10 for his human patients. Pets can get CoQ10 from foods like salmon, organ meats and muscle meats, which is why Ageless Paws offers single-ingredient salmon, chicken breast, bison liver and beef treats, as well as salmon and chicken breast food toppers. As cats and dogs can also get the CoQ10 they need through supplements, Ageless Paws’ product line includes Liquid Q10 drops, formulated in a highly palatable liquid liposomal form (for optimal absorption by the body) that can be conveniently added to pets’ food.

Besides high-quality nutrition, Dr. Sinatra’s prescription for pet health also includes regular exercise, lots of love, praise, play and affection. It’s all the little things we do each day that get our pets on the road to a longer, healthier life…and, in turn, they make our lives all that much better. “This is the reason why I started Ageless Paws – to help pet lovers return the favor.”


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