Key findings about our dog walking habits: is he getting enough exercise?

Results of a recent survey reveal that 36% of dogs gained weight during the pandemic. Could it have anything to do with our walking habits?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many dog parents were guilty of feeding their pups extra treats. In many cases, they also exercised their fur babes less than usual due to social distancing guidelines and other extenuating factors.

dog walking, walksThe result? Americans have gained weight — and so have their dogs. As a matter of fact, a recent survey conducted by One Vet found that 36% of dogs put on pounds during the pandemic. If your own dog is one of them, try cutting back on the treats or switching to healthy low-cal alternatives, and get back to doing some regular exercise together!

• 77% of dog parents check how hot the pavement is before walking their dogs during the summer; 23% admit they do not check.

dog walking, walks, habits• 48% of dog parents will walk their dog in rain or shine, and 41% have no qualms about walking their dogs in the snow!

• 25% of dog moms avoid walking their dogs at night because they feel unsafe. Only 10% of dog dads say the same. One in three millennials feels unsafe walking their dogs after dark.

• 15% of Gen X dog parents admit to leaving their dog’s poop behind on walks, more often than not.

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