Cats and People Agree: On-Demand Cat Fountains Are Superior!

Cats love drinking from cat fountains, but most cat parents don’t because they’re such a pain. Find out why cats and cat parents like all agree that on-demand cat fountains are the best!

An on-demand cat fountain is a cat-activated device that hooks up to a faucet and provides your kitty with fresh water whenever they want it. These devices have numerous advantages over recirculating fountains, which is why so many people are making the switch. Let’s look at why cats and their parents love on-demand cat fountains and talk about your chance to WIN an AquaPurr Water Fountain!

One-Size Fits Every Feline

With an on-demand system, unlimited fresh water is always available to any cat that wants it, no matter how many cats are in your family.

You Don’t Need to Worry About the Material

Manufacturers use different materials for recirculating fountains, and some materials are better than others. Plastic can harbor mold and bacteria. Plus, plastic can scratch, leaving crevices where bacteria can hide. Ceramic and stainless steel are preferable, but mold and bacteria can still be problematic. With an on-demand cat fountain, the water doesn’t recirculate, so you don’t have to worry about materials.

The Water Is Always Fresh

An on-demand cat fountain hooks up directly to a faucet, so the water is always clean, cool, and perfectly fresh!

Say Goodbye to Filters

Food, slime, bacteria, and other contaminants are problems with recirculating fountains. This is why filters are necessary, and you must change them regularly. But on-demand fountains only provide fresh water, so there’s no need for a filter!

You’ll Never Clean a Cat Fountain Again

With recirculating cat fountains, food and saliva fall into the water and create a breeding ground for bacteria. This is why they get slimy and why you need to clean them so often. On-demand cat fountains provide fresh water directly from the tap, so there’s no recirculation, no bacteria or slime, and no need to clean them—ever!

AquaPurr Is the Only On-Demand Cat Fountain!

On-demand cat fountains didn’t exist until AquaPurr, the first and only cat fountain that doesn’t recirculate water and never needs cleaning! It’s cat-activated and hooks up to just about any faucet, giving your cat access to clean, cool, fresh water whenever they want. With AquaPurr, you can stop worrying about size, materials, filters, slime, or cleaning and get back to spending quality time with your fave feline.

WIN an AquaPurr fountain!

Every 3 months, we’re giving away a Free AquaPurr fountain to one lucky cat parent! Don’t miss your chance to win—and be sure to share this with your other cat parent buddies!

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