Screen Time for Our Furry Friends

Dogs love screen time too!

Survey results show dogs are fond of screen time.

In the age of digital entertainment, it seems our canine companions are joining the screen-watching trend. A survey distributed to dog owners, aimed to uncover the finer details of dog interactions with screens, resulted in fascinating insights into this emerging aspect of canine behavior. The survey was based on demographics, home environments, owner-reported behaviors, and content preferences.

Dogs Like It

Interestingly, 86% of respondents reported that their dogs actively watched screen content. According to the answers, excitement took center stage in the reported canine behaviors, with 78% of dogs approaching the screen and 76% vocalizing their reactions. Many owners confessed to playing videos for their dogs, especially when left alone, highlighting the potential use of screen content as a form of canine entertainment and engagement.

Their Favorite Theme Is Guess What?

The content that captured the attention of these furry viewers varied, but one theme emerged as a clear favorite – animals. Dogs, in particular, proved to be the most popular subject among canine viewers. This insight into content preferences not only provides entertainment value but also hints at the potential for using screen time to enrich a dog’s environment.


Digging deeper into the demographics, the survey found that age and visual status played a role in the frequency of perceived interaction, while age and breed influenced content interest. Notably, within the subset of purebred dogs engaging with screen content, there was an over-representation of “sporting” and “herding” breeds. This intriguing detail suggests that certain breeds may be more predisposed to enjoying screen time.

From wagging tails to excited barks, dogs are expressing genuine interest and engagement with screen content. Understanding the factors influencing their interaction – be it age, breed, or visual status – opens the door to exploring how we can enhance their well-being through curated digital experiences.

Originally published on Canadian Dogs.


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