Up Your Dog Training Game With High-Value Treats!

Dog training can be as rewarding as it can be frustrating, but you can reach your goals with a little patience, a lot of positive reinforcement, and a ton of high-value treats!

Training a dog requires time, patience, and understanding, but one of the key ingredients is high-value treats! These tasty morsels encourage dogs to work, making training a breeze compared to using rewards your dog doesn’t care for. But what are high-value dog treats, why do they work, and how can you find what your dog likes? Let’s find out!

What Are High-Value Treats?

High-value dog treats are especially tasty, appealing, and motivating. Because they’re so enticing, your dog will be willing to work harder to earn them, making them ideal for training. Common examples of high-value dog treats include:

  • Jerky
  • Crunchy treats
  • Meaty treats
  • Soft, chewy treats
  • Anything with cheese or bacon

Why It’s Important to Use Treats Your Dog Loves

Dogs respond best to positive reinforcement training, and it’s also the most humane way to approach training. Effective positive reinforcement requires rewards, and for most dogs, that means food.

High-value dog treats are more enticing, making them highly effective for motivating desired behaviors. Dogs are more likely to engage in behaviors that lead to a reward they find extremely valuable. What’s more, they’ll be quicker to associate the desired behavior with a positive outcome. In other words, tastier treats = faster training.

High-value treats are even more important in distracting environments or when you’re trying to overcome challenging behaviors. Yummy snacks will make it easier for you to keep your pup’s attention.

Finding Treats Your Dog Will Work For

With treats, one dog’s ultimate reward is another’s bland cookie. Each dog is individual and has unique food preferences, so you’ll have to figure out what your dog loves.

Start with variety. Try different flavors, textures, and types of treats, and pay attention to your dog’s reaction to each. Notice if they eagerly take the treat, sniff it cautiously, or turn away from it. Once you’ve identified some treats your dog likes, experiment with different recipes and protein sources. Here are some pro tips:

  • Look for nutrient-dense treats that are made with high-quality ingredients
  • Opt for smaller treats or treats you can easily break into smaller pieces so eating doesn’t disrupt training
  • Rotate the treats you offer to keep things interesting

High-Quality, High-Value Dog Treats for Every Pup!

NutriSource has a wide selection of healthy, nutrient-dense treats made with quality ingredients that dogs love. Available in a variety of textures, sizes, and recipes, they’ve got high-value treats for even the pickiest pooches, including chewy treats, soft grain-free bites, crunchy biscuits, functional treats, and jerky. And the best part is there are classic recipes like chicken and turkey, novel proteins like kangaroo, duck, and rabbit for allergy sufferers, and limited-ingredient treats for dogs with sensitivities. No matter what treats your dog prefers, NutriSource has something for every pooch’s palate!

Visit NutriSource today to learn more!


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