A Dog-Loving Resort Manager Rescues Canines in Need

Chip is the hotel mascot and therapy dog at Turtle Inn in Belize.

While it takes its name from the majestic sea creatures that paddle through the crystal Caribbean Sea, dogs take center stage at Turtle Inn, Francis Ford Coppola’s Belize resort. It started back in 2010, when General Manager and dog lover, Martin Krediet, found a terrier mix in a desperate state by the side of the road. He rescued the dog, naming her Ocho, and rehabilitated her at the resort property.

Since then, Martin has rescued, fostered, or found homes for dozens more dogs from surrounding communities, ranging from terriers and Chihuahuas to Labs, pit bull mixes, and German shepherds. He adopted five of the dogs he rescued, and numerous guests at the Turtle Inn have also fostered and adopted dogs.

It should come as no surprise that the resort has its own canine mascot! Chip is a Belizean “pure street breed”, as well as de facto guardian to Francis Ford Coppola’s grandchildren, who stayed for three months during the pandemic and fostered emaciated Chip back to health. Chip became the onsite hotel hound/therapy dog, as well as the inspiration behind an annual fundraising event that benefits the local Humane Society in Placencia. Initially called Chip In, it was renamed Chips and Salsa as a tribute to Chip’s canine companion, named Salsa (naturally!). Chips and Salsa has raised over $100K since its inception in 2021, and is still growing. The next event is slated for December 30 and this year’s goal is to raise $80,000.

While all the dogs hold a special place in Martin’s heart, little Ocho’s story continues to stand out. After he found her bleeding by the road, he rushed her to the vet, where he was told the little girl had cancer. After seven weeks of chemotherapy, Ocho spent the next decade of her life as a resort dog at Turtle Inn, helping security dog, Squire, with his daily duties. Retired now, the scrappy terrier mix lives at Martin’s home and is still thriving.

You can make a donation to Chips and Salsa.


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