Top 11 Supplies That Make Life Easier for Senior Dogs

Caring for a senior dog requires adjustments to ensure they lead a comfortable and happy life. Older dogs can slow down, become less active, develop joint pain, and experience other effects of aging. However, several household items can help enhance the quality of life for pups in their golden years. Here’s a list of the top 11 supplies that can make things easier for senior dogs.

1. Orthopedic Beds and Mattresses

An orthopedic bed is a comfortable and supportive place for your senior dog to rest. There are also orthopedic mattresses that provide additional joint support, especially for larger breeds or dogs with arthritis or joint issues.

2. Ramps and Steps

You can help your dog access elevated areas, such as beds, sofas, and even cars, with ramps and steps that reduce the strain on their joints.

3. Elevated Food and Water Bowls

Reduce strain on your senior dog’s neck and back by providing raised bowls that are at a comfortable height.

4. Non-Slip Mats or Rugs

Place non-slip mats or rugs in areas where your senior dog walks to prevent slipping and sliding, which can be especially important for dogs with mobility issues.

5. Gentle Grooming Tools

Try soft brushes and grooming tools to keep your senior dog’s coat clean and healthy without causing discomfort.

6. Heated Bedding

During colder seasons, you can provide additional warmth with heated blankets or beds that will help soothe achy joints.

7. Dog Strollers or Wheelchairs

To make it easier for senior dogs with mobility issues, consider a dog stroller that can allow them to still enjoy outings without having to walk long distances. For dogs with severe mobility challenges, a custom-fitted wheelchair can provide the support they need to move around comfortably.

8. Doggie Diapers or Belly Bands

These are useful for senior dogs dealing with incontinence issues. They can help keep your pup and your home clean. Make sure your dog gets out for regular pee breaks.

9. Interactive Toys

Keep your senior dog mentally stimulated with puzzle toys or interactive games to help maintain cognitive function.

10. Anti-Anxiety Products

For senior dogs experiencing anxiety, consider calming vests, diffusers, or supplements. These can make it easier for senior dogs to relax and stay calm.

11. Pet Tracker or GPS Collar

These devices will help you keep track of your senior dog’s location, especially if they tend to wander or have cognitive issues. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome can cause disorientation in dogs, which could mean your pup gets lost and can’t find their way home if you aren’t tracking their whereabouts.

The specific needs of senior dogs will vary, so it’s essential to tailor your choices based on your dog’s health conditions and preferences. Regular veterinary check-ups will also help you choose the most appropriate items for your senior dog’s well-being.


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