8 Reasons to Try Grass Seed Cat Litter

Grass seed cat litter is a natural type of litter made entirely of grass seeds. Here are eight reasons you might want to try it.

Any cat parent can tell you that there are new kinds of cat litter coming onto the market every day, and it’s getting harder and harder to choose the right product for your kitty. Many cat parents use traditional clay litter because it’s available everywhere and relatively affordable. And with all the choices, it seems easier to stick with what you know. But one type of litter that’s hit the shelves recently might be a game changer for cats and their humans, and that’s grass seed cat litter.

1. Naturally Low-Dust Litter

One of the main problems with conventional clay litter is the dust. Dust gets on your stuff, and it can also impact indoor air quality. In fact, the dust from clay litter can be a trigger for cats and humans with allergies and asthma. By contrast, grass seed cat litter has almost no dust, and your cat won’t track it through the house.

2. Great Clumping and Easy to Scoop

Grass seed cat litter quickly forms firm and solid clumps when it gets wet, so it’s easy to scoop and clean up. What’s more, you won’t get piles of wet clay stuck on the scoop or the bottom of the litter box.

3. Biodegradable

As the name suggests, grass seed cat litter is just grass seed, meaning it’s 100% biodegradable. On the other hand, clay litter is not biodegradable and can stay in landfills for thousands of years.

4. Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Another problem with clay litter is that people mine it. This takes an enormous number of resources and isn’t great for the planet. Grass seed, by contrast, grows naturally, doesn’t have to be mined, and is far better for the environment.

5. Natural and Unscented

Grass seed is a natural, unscented material. It’s an excellent alternative for cats (and people) with allergies and sensitivities triggered by the types of fragrances they often use in clay litter.

6. Lightweight

If you’ve ever bought clay litter, then you know just how heavy and inconvenient it is. Grass seed is a much lighter material, making it easier to buy and dispose of.

7. Soft Texture

Unlike hard clay pieces, grass seed cat litter has a soft texture that’s gentle on paws, making it comfortable for cats to dig when they’ve finished their business.

8. Odor Control

Grass seed has natural odor-control properties, so the litter helps seal in unpleasant odors, ensuring a pleasant-smelling home for both cats and their humans.


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