Community Celebrates Life of Beloved Therapy Dog

Aydiee and firefighter Captain Taggart with Bailer.

Therapy dogs touch the lives of hundreds, bringing joy, comfort and friendship to seniors, hospital patients, schoolchildren and many others. Some of these dogs, like a certain little Shih Tzu named Prince Bailey, become beloved and invaluable members of their communities.

Canine companion to recording artist Aydiee Vaughn, Prince Bailey might have been small in size, but he was brimming over with love and compassion for everyone he met. For more than 13 years, he brightened the lives of countless people in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and Burbank, with weekly visits to seniors’ homes, hospitals, hospice centers, assisted living facilities, libraries and schools.

He was also a presence at COVID relief events, and attended the annual Paws 4 Kisses & Hugs, honoring local LAFD firefighters in memory of 9/11.

Prince Bailey lived to the ripe old age of 16, and passed away peacefully on June 5, 2023. The day before his transition, Aydiee orchestrated a special “red carpet” farewell celebration at the Hilton Woodland Hills Hotel. The event featured a blue and teal theme with angel wings and clouds to symbolize Prince Baileys’ transformative journey. Invited guests were treated to a gourmet buffet, with desserts, cocktails and appetizers, while a specially created Kiss & Cuddle Lounge, featuring a plush rug and pillows, provided a serene space for guests to say their goodbyes to Prince Bailey.

Prince Bailey’s gala send-off also included music, and heartfelt testimonies from those whose lives he changed for the better. An unexpected highlight was a surprise visit from the firefighters of LAFD Fire Station 105, who pulled up in front of the hotel in a fire engine to pay their final respects to the little dog.

Prince Bailey may be gone now, but it’s clear that his spirit and legacy will live on in the hearts of the many people who adored him and benefited from his generous personality.

Prince Bailey’s celebration of life included a surprise visit from members of LAFD Fire Station 105.

Aydiee with Prince Bailey.


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