How to Get All the Benefits of Raw Food for Dogs with None of the Mess

How to Get All the Benefits of Raw Food for Dogs with None of the Mess

Few and far between are pets who won’t gobble their dinner down when it consists of raw food. Perhaps that bowl full of natural, raw ingredients allows them to access their inner primal beasts from days of yore? Pet parents do not always have the same fervor for fresh uncooked dog food though! Many of us are a bit squeamish and just can’t stomach the preparation of raw food for dogs. It can be, well, icky. Fortunately, there are ways to give your pet all the goodness of raw food with none of the mess.

Of course, if you don’t love handling raw dog food, there are a million other cooked and/or dry food dog diet options that don’t involve messy hands. (Or having to tamp down your aversion to raw meat.) So why should you persist? Because the benefits of raw food for your furry best friend far outweigh any resistance to getting your hands dirty.

The Benefits of a Raw Diet

The benefits of a raw food diet for dogs are well-documented.

1. Improved Digestion

Gastrointestinal diseases are believed to account for about 10% of veterinary visits. If your dog is among this number, and seems to consistently suffer from tummy troubles, raw food is an excellent dietary option. Gentle on your dog’s digestive system, and more easily digested than heavily processed kibble, for example, raw food reduces the chances of upset, even painful stomach issues, and promotes regular bowel movements.

2. Essential Nutrients Preserved

Minimal processing ensures that essential nutrients are preserved, providing your dog with all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes they need for optimal health in their purest form.

3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Health

Omega-3 fatty acids, found abundantly in raw fish, support your dog’s skin, coat, and brain health. A shinier coat, reduced shedding, and improved cognitive function – all thanks to the goodness of raw food.

4. Better Dental Hygiene

Chewing on raw bones and meat naturally cleans your dog’s teeth. This helps prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, leading to better overall dental hygiene. (And fresher doggie breath – what’s not to love?)

5. No Fillers, By-products, or Preservatives

Many commercial dog foods contain fillers, by-products, and preservatives that can be harmful to your dog’s health. With raw food, you have only wholesome ingredients and nothing else.

So, yes, the goodness of raw food for Fido is indisputable. The mess, though? That too is inescapable.

Or is it?

Enter Northwest Naturals Chubs and Dinner Bars: frozen raw food options which offer all of the goodness with none of the mess.

The Mess-Free Raw Food Solution

Northwest Naturals offer two options, in a multitude of pooch-palate-approved flavors, to solve your raw food conundrum.

1. Convenient, easy-snap frozen Dinner Bars are specially crafted to provide all the benefits of raw food for your dog without any of the mess associated with traditional raw feeding.

a. Each Dinner Bar is a perfectly balanced blend of high-quality ingredients, making mealtime a breeze.
b. No more handling raw meat or worrying about portion sizes. Each one-pound bar is scored in approximately ¼ pound (4 ounce) servings, making it easy to snap into portions, which then allows for quick thawing of only as much as you need.
c. Snap, thaw, serve.

2. Perfect for multi-dog households and protein rotation, Northwest Naturals five-pound Chubs are a great cost-effective way to feed a complete raw diet.

a. Five-pound chubs in mess-free packaging will thaw in the refrigerator in approximately 24 to 36 hours.
b. Chubs can also be pre-portioned: thaw partially and cut into portions with a serrated knife. You can then re-freeze and thaw portions as needed.
c. Thaw, squeeze, serve.

Whether you’re a seasoned raw foodie or just starting your raw food journey, embracing a raw food diet has never been more accessible and convenient. By choosing game-changing raw food solutions like these provided by Northwest Naturals:

  • your dog gets the nutrition they need,
  • you get the peace of mind that you’re feeding them the best, and
  • your fastidious nature is appeased.

Northwest Naturals allows you to give your dog all of the benefits of raw food with none of the mess!


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