Get your dog a multi-award-winning dog treat


We know that as a loving pet owner, you look at your dog as best-in-show in every way — cuteness, smarts and cuddle-ability. Since you know you’ve scored an award-winning dog, why not give them an award-winning treat?

Yummy Combs® dental treats are a multi-award-winning dental treat that gets noticed for its elite oral care, high-quality nutrition, enjoyment, and patented advanced safety technology. Our state-of-the-art functional dental treat is a leader in innovation and the pet industry has now acknowledged it in a big way!

The experts at Animal Wellness Magazine have given Yummy Combs® their stamp of approval! Yummy Combs® has been honored with Animal Wellness Magazine’s Innovation Award for 2022! This award recognizes pet brands that are reinventing the wheel and doing it in an exceptional way. Yummy Combs® is the first ever dental treat that checks all the boxes your dog needs for optimal overall health and longevity. 

Innovative is Yummy Combs’® middle name because we also just won two other innovation awards! The first is the prestigious IVC Journal’s Innovation Award, which is from a magazine that has been a progressive voice in the vet industry since its inception and the second is Yummy Combs was featured in Pet Product News, acknowledging that Yummy Combs® won the 2022 Pet Independent Innovation Award in the Dog Treat Functional Product category! 

More of what makes Yummy Combs® so great!

What makes Yummy Combs® a leader in the dental health world is that it actually works! Just ask the VOHC who awarded Yummy Combs® with the Seal of Acceptance for Controlling Tartar. How does it control tartar? With its unique patented honeycomb design, the edges get right to the gumline scrubbing away tartar. Making sure to keep tartar at a minimum is important for your dog because tartar is the precursor to gum disease. This can lead to other serious health problems like cardiovascular issues. 

If you aren’t already convinced that Yummy Combs® is the greatest treat for your dog, maybe ask the award-winning tv series, World’s Greatest!… which, over the summer, featured Yummy Combs® as the “World’s Greatest Dog Treat!” The episode highlighted all of the amazing benefits of Yummy Combs® like its patented advanced safety technology, which deters gulping, choking and intestinal blockages. 

Lastly, Yummy Combs® was just in Modern Dog Magazine’s Fall 2022 Best of Issue, where it was featured as one of the best dog dental treats! 

The world is noticing how revolutionary Yummy Combs® dental treats are but have you noticed yet? Get your dog Yummy Combs® and discover the benefits of this multi-award-winning treat for your dog!

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