Wearing a Muzzle Should Be Part of Every Dog’s Training!

Dogs will sometimes bite as a reaction to stress or fear, and this can put humans and other dogs at risk. By teaching your dog to wear a muzzle, you can keep yourself, your pup, and others safe.

As a loving pet parent, you might feel that dog muzzles are like a punishment for your pup. But the right muzzle will be comfortable and help to reduce your dog’s stress. By training your dog to be comfortable wearing a muzzle, you are setting them up for success. You’re ensuring their safety and minimizing the chance that they’ll do something that could get the two of you into trouble.

Muzzles for Dogs Keep Everybody Safe

Imagine this: you take your dog to the veterinarian because of illness or injury. Your dog is scared and starts biting, so the staff put on a muzzle to protect themselves and your pooch. Because your dog has never worn a muzzle, putting one on just adds more stress to an already stressful situation.

But there are many similar situations where a dog might feel that their only way to cope is to bite, and muzzles can protect both humans and pups. Here are some examples:

  • At the veterinarian
  • At the groomer
  • Out on a walk
  • When a stranger comes to the door
  • At home if your dog gets spooked
  • Any time a dog feels overwhelmed and like they need to defend themselves

Dog Muzzles Help Dogs to Have New Experiences

Have you ever worried or stressed about taking your dog out in public? A muzzle helps to build confidence for you and your pup!

I’ve been working with dogs for 25 years and know that you can help your dog feel safer and more comfortable by conditioning them to wear a muzzle. Muzzles, especially at the beginning of training and particularly with aggressive or fearful dogs, can enable a pooch to enjoy new experiences that would otherwise be unsafe or stressful.

Muzzles for dogs allow difficult pups to have safe and close interactions. A dog can get close to other dogs and use their noses, which calms them down so they can interact properly. Even if they get uncomfortable, they still can’t bite.

Making Sure Your Pup Is Comfortable with a Muzzle

In my experience, the best type of muzzle is the basket muzzle. When wearing one, your pooch will still be able to open their mouth, pant, eat, and drink. However, they won’t be able to bite or pick up objects they shouldn’t be eating or chewing on.

The best combination is a basket muzzle and Sidekick, which can be worn directly under a muzzle when out on walks or hikes. The conditioning process you use for the Sidekick can also be applied to muzzles so that your pup will be comfortable and happy wearing a muzzle in no time.

Visit Heather’s Heroes to learn more, and keep an eye out for the new Heather’s Heroes muzzle in 2023!

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