4 Ways to Keep Your Four-Legged Friend Safe this Fall

Autumn is a favorite time of year for lots of people, but there are potential dangers that dog parents need to be aware of. These four fall safety tips will help keep your pup safe and frolicsome this fall!

Your dog probably loves fall walks and adventures as much as you do, but there are certain risks you should know about. Ticks, toxins, cold weather, and nutrition are all important to keep in mind, and these autumn safety tips will help you keep your pooch safe on all your excursions.

1. Watch Out for Tenacious Ticks—Even in Fall!

You already know ticks are a hazard in spring and summer, but did you know you still have to be careful in the fall? Ticks love cooler weather and will be active any time the temperature is above 39.2 F (4 C). Even after September, you should still take steps to protect your pup with things like medications and regular inspections.

2. Be Aware of Potential Poisons

There’s nothing like a forest hike in autumn, but beware of poisonous mushrooms that may be growing in your area that could make your dog sick.

Also, many people do pre-winter vehicle maintenance in the fall, and that can mean radiator fluid spills. Radiator fluid may taste like a sweet treat to dogs, but it’s highly toxic and must be avoided.

Rodenticides are another problem, and you have to be careful of the poison itself and dead animals around your house that may have ingested the poison.

Finally: be mindful around holidays like Halloween—treats like chocolate are tasty for humans but dangerous for dogs.

3. Keep Dogs Warm When the Weather Starts to Turn

Lots of dogs need a little extra help to stay warm when the mercury drops, especially single-coated breeds like Greyhounds, Shih Tzus, and Poodles. Here are a few ideas for keeping any dog safe and warm in the fall:

  • Keep an eye on how much time they spend outside
  • Don’t leave them outside unsupervised
  • Keep a warm bed and blanket outside
  • Invest in booties to protect precious paws from ice, snow, and salt
  • Consider a sweater or jacket for your dog

4. Make Sure Nutritional Needs Are Met

Fall is an excellent time to get exercise with your pup. But that means your pooch may be burning more calories than they were during the dog days of summer, so you might want to increase their calories. Your veterinarian can provide the best guidance about what and how much to feed your dog—just make sure you always provide plenty of fresh water!

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