The most common orthopedic injury for dogs and why they need a dog knee brace

dog knee brace

Did you know that the most common orthopedic injury in a dog is a cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) tear or an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear?

These common tears are extremely painful, and one of the first things you will notice is your dog not being able to put pressure on their injured leg and they will start limping. Another sign your dog has an ACL or CCL injury is if their knee starts to swell.

There are many different reasons why this type of injury can happen to your dog including having hip dysplasia, being overweight and not getting enough exercise.

According to, certain dog breeds like golden retrievers, german shepherds and rottweilers are more prone to CCL injuries​​ and about half of the dogs that rupture their CCL on one leg will develop it in the other leg later down the line.

How to help your dog after a CCL/ACL injury

It’s important that if you see your dog starting to limp to take them to a vet right away so that you know what’s going on. Small dogs typically can heal within three to six weeks without treatment, but larger dogs sometimes need surgery.

After getting checked over by the vet and knowing your options, one of the best tools to help your dog heal, and be in less pain after a CCL or ACL tear is by getting them a knee brace. A dog knee brace, also known as a stifle brace, is an affordable and non-invasive option that is extremely effective. A stifle brace helps stabilize the injured ligament and limits the range of motion allowing it to heal over a relatively short period of time without costly surgical intervention.

dog knee brace

Dog knee braces aren’t just for injuries

Stifle braces aren’t only a great tool for dogs with CCL or ACL injuries. They can also help dogs with arthritis too. Stifle braces actually help to reduce the amount of pain your dog is experiencing from arthritis by supporting the joint properly. They are also helpful for dogs that are disabled or senior dogs, as well.

The best dog knee brace

When your dog is in pain, you want to get them the best possible solution to relieve their pain quickly and effectively. That’s why Specialized Pet Solutions (SPS) developed a knee brace that is different from any other dog knee braces on the market.

SPS uses the same materials and techniques in their dog braces that are used for making human orthotics. By using these materials and techniques they have created the highest quality device on the market.

What sets Specialized Pet Solutions Apart:

  1. It has a built-in Achilles relief channel that cushions the Achilles tendon and keeps the strap on the front of the leg. This reduces pressure on the tendon and prevents the breakdown of the Achilles tendon and reduces the instances of further injury.
  2. A patellar bar prevents the drawer motion which is the primary cause of a CCL tear. It cages the knee and provides stability and prevents both medial and lateral movement.

The best part?

SPS offers a fast and simple process to get your dog’s custom-fitted knee brace all done through mail order.

dog knee braceThe step-by-step process to get your dog a knee brace:

  • Have your pet diagnosed with a CCL or ACL tear (no referral needed)
  • Submit an order form from Specialized Pet Solutions’s website or call 833-682-7375
  • You will then get mailed a casting kit along with written instructions on how to cast your animal.  A vet can help with this process as well. (their fees will apply)
  • Read instructions and watch instructional video’s on their website at the bottom of the product page.
  • Cast your animal after you have assembled all required materials and watched and read the instructions.
  • Mail your cast back to Specialized Pet Solutions and they will use the cast to create a mold.
  • The mold will be used to build the custom brace around.
  • Fabrication time is 3-5 business days.

Learn more about Specialized Pet Solutions and get your dog the relief they need with a knee brace today!

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