WizSmart – the pee pad that benefits you, your pet and the planet

WizSmart – the pee pad that benefits you, your pet and the planet

This pee pad company makes their products from recycled defective baby diapers and biodegradable plastic, making them the most eco-friendly (and effective) option on the market!

When a dog has to “go”, he has to go. For this reason, pee pads have become a must-have for many pet parents. These products are ideal for those who live in apartment buildings, or share their lives with puppies, senior dogs, small breeds or canines with special needs. They offer peace of mind for animals and their caregivers, and save a ton of time and hassle. But as most savvy consumers will agree, most pee pads on the market don’t work. They leak, slip, and stink – making them one of the most inconvenient “convenient products” your money can buy… but not if you invest in the right brand.

Enter: WizSmart Dog Pads. Founded by Petix 11 years ago in Brazil, these one-of-a-kind pee pads were the product of one family’s perpetual dissatisfaction with other brands. “We were frustrated by dog pads that did a lousy job absorbing liquids and leaked or smelled,” says Krister Holm. “Rather than settle, we built a better pad.”

With a focus on market research, sustainability and social responsibility, WizSmart pads are extremely innovative. And most importantly, they work better than any of the alternatives. By using defective diapers as the primary material in their pads, Petix accomplishes two incredible feats: they recycle 120 million unused diapers each year that would otherwise end up in landfills, and wind up with a super absorbent, leakproof product that holds 8–10 cups of liquid.

Their absorbency rate alone is enough to make WizSmart the number one pee pad on the market. But the team at Petix didn’t stop there. To perfect their design, they developed and patented “Stay Put Tabs”, which ensure their pads don’t slip. This built-in technology encourages dogs to use the pads more consistently, as does their unique, integrated aroma – a non-synthetic scent added to the pad to make it irresistible to dogs. And if that’s not enough: “Placing the pad at a 90-degree angle covers both the wall and the floor,” adds Krister. “The perfect solution for male dogs.”

Petix launched WizSmart in the United States in 2017. Consumers loved these high-quality pads, inspiring the company to add additional products to their line. In November 2018, the WizSmart Super hit shelves – a lighter weight option to the original WizSmart Ultra, and the WizSmart Ultra XL, a pad 43% larger than its predecessor. “With our expanded product line, we look forward to keeping more dogs clean and comfortable, while keeping spaces cleaner!” says Krister. “After years of listening, experimenting, testing and tweaking, and more than 300 million pads, we’re pretty sure we nailed it. But hundreds of thousands of well-trained and confident pets confirms it!”

Available in three sizes: Ultra (8 cup), Super (5 cup), Ultra XL (8+ cups). Find them on Amazon and at wizsmart.com.

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