The #1 Way to Brush a Dog’s Teeth (and 4 Ways Not To!)

Your dog’s dental hygiene is critical to their overall health, and the right product can make it easy to get into a good routine. Let’s talk about the best way to brush a dog’s teeth!

Every dog parent has talked to their veterinarian about how important it is to brush a dog’s teeth. But that doesn’t mean all dog parents have gotten into a good oral healthcare routine with their pup. This is usually because they haven’t found a product that works well and that’s easy enough to use. Let’s talk about the popular dog dental care products, why they’re not ideal, and the simplest and best way to brush a dog’s teeth!

4 Popular Oral Care Products

1. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Brushing your dog’s teeth with toothpaste and a toothbrush is an effective way to prevent periodontal disease and promote fresh breath. So what’s wrong with this method? It’s a hassle! Have you ever tried to stick a goopy toothbrush in your pup’s mouth? They don’t like it much, and many dog parents get so frustrated that they stop trying.

2. Dental Chews

Traditional dental chews can be effective, but the risks aren’t necessarily worth the reward. For starters, these tasty treats are high in calories and can contribute to weight gain or even obesity. Another problem is they pose a choking hazard. Dogs can swallow large pieces that get lodged in the throat. Moreover, swallowing large pieces can cause tummy troubles.

3. Water Additives

There are two issues with water additives. The first is that they can contain harmful ingredients, so you have to be very careful about reading labels. The second is they’re not meant to be used alone—you still have to brush your dog’s teeth!

4. Dental Powders

Dental powders share the same problem as water additives. Additives and powders can promote better oral health, but they’re designed to be used with brushing. The products themselves don’t remove plaque and bacteria the way brushing does.

The Best Way to Brush a Dog’s Teeth

Jax & Cali’s all-natural toothbrush wipes use the power of natural enzymes to fight plaque, bacteria, bad breath, and inflammation. They also prevent dental disease. The wipes fit over two fingers and have a textured pattern, so they’re easy to slip into your pup’s mouth and give you more control over the cleaning. What’s more, they’re premoistened with a proprietary blend of enzymes, so they’re effective and make no mess! They also don’t contain any harmful ingredients, such as alcohol, latex, SLS, parabens, or DMDM hydantoin. They’re all-natural and safe for daily use. And the best part? They’re so easy to use that you’ll get into a proper dental care hygiene routine that’ll ensure your dog enjoys good oral health for the rest of their life!

Visit Jax & Cali to learn more about their revolutionary toothbrush wipes and other amazing pet health wipes.


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