Build Stronger Human-Animal Bonds with This Technology!

If it were up to pet parents, we’d spend all day with our dogs and cats by our side. Work and other obligations make that impossible, but PETLIBRO camera monitoring feeders allow pet parents to spend more time with their fur babies when they’re apart!

Lots of pet parents can’t be home with their fur babies throughout the day, but you still have to take care of things like feeding them. Even if you can’t be with them for every meal, technology is making it easier than ever to be with our animals more often and build stronger bonds with them. That includes automatic feeders with cameras. They help you learn more about your cat’s or dog’s eating habits, feed them on a regular routine, and keep an eye on them when you’re out of the house!

Do You Let Your Four-Legged Friends Graze?

It can be tough for pet parents in today’s busy world to provide the absolute best for their dogs and cats while juggling work, family, and personal responsibilities. For example, you don’t want your four-legged family to go hungry while you’re at work or running errands, but you also can’t always be home when it’s time to eat.

The solution many pet parents use is to leave food out for their pups and kitties to nibble on throughout the day. But that’s not the best solution. Dogs and cats shouldn’t graze all day—they should be fed on a regular schedule. So what’s a busy pet parent to do when they can’t be there for meal times?

Technology Makes It Easy and Convenient to Be the Best Pet Parents

Automatic feeders on a timer are the ultimate solution! They hold dog or cat food and distribute portions at certain times of day based on the schedule that you program. That way, you can feed your fur baby on a regular routine—even when you’re not home!

But that still doesn’t let you be there for meal times with your cat or dog. And that’s where technology comes in again for the win!

PETLIBRO Camera Feeders Bring You Closer to Your Animals

PETLIBRO’s Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder lets you schedule feeding times and portion sizes, but it also has a camera that lets you watch your dog or cat when they’re eating. And thanks to the two-way voice system, you can even talk to each other!

What’s more, the camera is motion-activated, so you can learn more about your fur baby’s eating and snacking habits. You can use this information to portion meals more accurately, tweak feeding times according to when they’re hungry, and sneak peeks during the day when you can’t be there for snuggles!

Visit PETLIBRO today and start building better relationships with your dogs and cats. More than one four-legged friend in your family? No problem! Try the Granary Camera with a Dual Food Tray instead!

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