4 reasons to enroll your new puppy in a training class

4 reasons to enroll your new puppy in a training class

You adopted a puppy – congratulations! Once you’ve gotten a chance to get to know one another, consider enrolling him in a training class.

Puppy training classes are an ideal way to get off on the right paw with your new guy. Here’s a few reasons to seek out a good trainer or class ASAP!

1. It’ll teach him basic manners

You should be taught how to handle house training, nipping, jumping, and other common puppy issues. Other basic manners include sit, lie down and loose leash walking.

2. It’ll get him used to being handled

Great puppy training classes will also cover getting him used to things like nail trims and body handling.

3. It’ll teach you some helpful tips and tricks

No matter how much research you’ve done, raising a puppy is a tricky business. Enrolling in a puppy training class will allow you to ask questions and receive valuable answers so you can raise your furry friend in the most productive way possible.

4. It’ll help socialize him

Playtime with other dogs is crucial to your pup’s development. Make sure all puppy play is reciprocal: puppies chase and are chased, they are on top and on bottom, they are the nibblers and they are nibbled. Your puppy should never be allowed to be bullied – not allowed TO bully – other pups in play.

Think of it like tennis – each puppy takes turns. If you see one puppy constantly being piled on, nipped at, crying, or being bullied – or another puppy being a punk – leave.

There are great puppy classes out there, so take your time and find the right one for both of you!


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