Solutions for dogs that chase cars

Solutions for dogs that chase cars

Does your dog chase cars or “attack” certain vehicles while you’re out on a walk? Here’s how to combat this dangerous behavior problem.

Most rescue dogs have at least one baffling behavior problem. Some dogs chew, some have separation anxiety, and others chase cars. If your pup lunges, barks and goes crazy whenever a certain type of vehicle drives past, he’s putting himself — and you — in danger. If you can’t seem to combat this issue no matter how many times you encourage your pup through positive training, it might be time to seek an alternative solution. Here’s a few to try:

1. Flower essences

The first step for dogs that chase cars is to reach for a natural remedy designed to calm him down. You can use flower essences, such as Rescue Remedy, which are available at most health food stores and online. Simply dilute 4 drops in 1 oz of water, then give your dog a few drops orally before you head out to walk, or when you see a potential trigger approaching. Some flower essences are formulated for specific problems of animals – such as Spirit Essences, Green Hope Farms, Anaflora – while others are more generic, but still work well. Reach for Orchid Essences, Perelandra, Delta Flower and more.

2. Essential oils

French Lavender essential oil is very calming and can be put onto a cloth collar that you only use on walks. Always use organic and food grade essential oils as dogs will lick!

3. TTouch

Tellington TTouch has videos, books and workshops on how to soothe anxiety in dogs.

4. Call on the pros

If all else fails, seek the advice of a professional positive trainer. You might also want to check in with an integrative veterinarian trained in some holistic modalities to rule out any medical issues!

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