5 Signs Your Dog Needs a Friend

Dogs are pack animals and often enjoy the company of other canines. Here are five indications your dog might benefit from having a friend to play and hang out with.

As pack animals, dogs are very social and love being around others. You probably spend as much time as you can with your dog — and that’s great! — but might he be even better off if there was another dog around to play with and give him company, especially when you’re out? These five signs can help you decide if your dog is in need of a canine friend.

1. Your dog loves other dogs

Dogs enjoy having companionship throughout the day, whether for playtime or just cuddling. You can’t always be everything your dog needs, but another canine companion may just be able to fill that role.

Watch your dog when you’re on walks or at the park. How does he respond to and interact with other dogs? Does he come to life with happiness and excitement? If he loves the company of other dogs and enjoys playing with them, this is a strong indication of a well-socialized dog that would do well with a canine companion at home.

2. Your dog has a lot of energy

Dogs tend to be quite high-energy animals. They’re always ready to do something exciting, such as going on walks or visiting the dog park. If your dog has a large amount of energy and never seems to burn it off throughout the day, this could be a sign he needs a canine friend.

Excessive energy can be hard to fix if he’s the only dog in the house, but having another dog around gives him a constant play buddy to help him expend all his energy so he isn’t bouncing off the walls. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many dogs could benefit from having a companion.

3. Your dog seems bored

Dogs that are bored tend to act a bit depressed or lethargic. They may lie around the house and not want to interact much. This kind of behavior may be normal for some dogs, but if it’s out of character for your dog, it means something’s amiss. Take him to the veterinarian for a check up, just to be on the safe side. If all is well, then it could just be that your dog is bored.

Bored dogs may start to develop bad habits, such as barking at nothing or becoming destructive. They may dig holes outside or steal things to chew on, like shoes and purses.

These are all strong signs that your dog isn’t getting enough stimulation in his day-to-day life. Along with physical exercise, it’s very important to a dog’s happiness for him to feel mentally stimulated as well. Another dog could help him stay both physically and mentally active when you are busy with other things.

4. Your dog is overly attached

Many people have an issue with their dogs becoming overly attached to them. This behavior can begin during puppyhood, or develop later on. Our dogs love us unconditionally, so it’s not uncommon for them to want to be by our side all the time. But there comes a point when our dogs may grow overly attached to us.

You may start noticing that your dog is always on your heels, or won’t leave you alone to do anything. This can be sweet to some degree, but it can also become unhealthy for both of you.

An overly attached dog can result from loneliness or a lack of other relationships. If this is the case, he may do better with another dog to spend time with, so he’s not relying solely on your companionship.

5. Your dog hates to be alone

If over-attachment isn’t addressed, it may progress to an inability to be alone. This can quickly get out of hand and take shape as separation anxiety as your dog becomes scared of being left by himself for any reason.

This is quite a common issue because many dogs are very reliant on their people for love, comfort, and companionship. This means when you have to leave the house for any reason, your dog feels as though he’s being left behind and abandoned.

There are many solutions for separation anxiety, and again, it’s always best to consult with a vet first if the problem is getting out of control. Sometimes, your dog may not necessarily need you — he just needs some kind of companion to help him feel like he’s not alone. One way to fix the issue is to get a second dog. This will give him a buddy he can play and cuddle with when you are gone, helping to soothe any anxiety he may be feeling.

Adopting another dog is not a decision to be taken lightly, but if your current dog is showing these five signs, then he will most likely benefit from having a companion. If getting another dog isn’t an option, explore alternatives such as doggy daycare, play dates, or other activities that will give him more opportunities to have fun with others canines.

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