How Probiotics Can Improve Dental Health in Dogs

Probiotics support your dog’s dental health by promoting an environment where bad bacteria struggle to colonize.

Most people associate probiotics with gut health. But they also have a significant impact on gum and dental health. As we continue to study and learn about the different strains of probiotics, and how they interact and influence our health and that of our dogs, we’re realizing just how involved probiotics are in keeping the mouth and teeth healthy.

We know that pathogenic bacteria in the mouth continuously multiply. Over time, this leads to poor oral health, with symptoms such as bad breath, red and swollen gums, and premature tooth loss resulting in the inability to eat or chew. All these lead to a decline in overall health and well-being.


When beneficial bacteria in the form of probiotics are introduced to the oral cavity, however, they create an environment conducive to their colonization, which in turn deters the colonization and propagation of bad or pathogenic bacteria. To put it simply, good bugs in the mouth create an environment suitable for them to thrive, while creating an environment where the bad bugs can’t survive.


BriteNamelTM is a supplement that helps promote your dog’s good oral health by providing a balanced blend of strain-appropriate, live (viable), beneficial bacteria to the oral cavity. The product is unique in that this blend of bacteria readily adapts to and colonizes the mouth. Thanks to this colonization of good bacteria, along with components in the product that contribute to the debridement of plaque and tartar, a healthy mouth is promoted and maintained. The result is fresher breath, whiter and brighter teeth, and a reduction in plaque, along with healthy gums and good bone support. BriteNamelTM is available in Dental Bones or Dental Powder, both of which deliver a steady supply of good bacteria to your dog’s mouth.


What sets BriteNamel™ apart is that it’s formulated for performance, and not simply made to market. We have spoken to countless dog parents who have tried and tried to improve their canine’s oral health to no avail, at least until they used BriteNamelTM. They tell us that the improvement in their dogs’ breath alone is incredible, let alone all the other benefits. If you are struggling with your own dog’s oral health, I strongly encourage you to give BriteNamelTM a try, whether you opt for the bones or the powder. After all, a healthy mouth is essential for a healthy body.

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