What’s New at the Vet’s Office

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Your vet’s office is changing for the better! With the rise of telehealth doctors, there are now veterinarians that are leaning on virtual assistants to help support their practice. 

What is a Veterinary Virtual Assistant?

Before we dive into how your veterinarian having a virtual assistant will benefit you, let’s go over what a virtual assistant actually is. 

A virtual assistant is someone who works remotely, and they have their own equipment. A veterinary virtual assistant (VA) provides a wide range of services including scheduling, customer assistance, administrative support, and scribe services to name a few. 

Learn how a veterinary virtual assistant can benefit you and your pet!

Better Customer Service

A virtual assistant can help provide you better customer service because their added support helps the workflow run more smoothly. They are able to get back to you faster because they aren’t dealing with in-office responsibilities and disruptions. 

Virtual assistants also solve staffing shortages and free up the in-office staff’s time that has to be spent on clerical tasks. 

More Availability to Care

Your vet is kept busy with not only all their patients but they are usually drowning in paperwork too. This can make your vet feel overwhelmed and takes their focus away from the furry creatures that need their attention the most. 

So, a virtual assistant is the perfect solution to this issue. Virtual assistants take on the mundane tasks, so your vet can focus on what they do best, treat animals.

Less Costly

Hiring virtual assistants is not only less costly for your vet, but for you as well!

Virtual assistants cost less money for your vet because they are using their own equipment and they’re in their own office space. Also, each remote employee can help your vet save up to $22,000 per year.

Your vet hiring virtual assistants will help them keep your visit costs down when prices seem to always be going up.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Now that vets are increasing their staff through hiring virtual assistants, the need for highly-skilled veterinary virtual assistants is on the rise. Luckily, there are staffing services like My Mountain Mover that carefully select the best virtual assistants for your vet. 

My Mountain Mover has virtual assistants that cover a multitude of services like billing, scheduling, customer assistance, administrative work, scribe services and much more. Your vets life is easier and more stress-free with My Mountain Mover!

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