How to Find a Pet-Friendly Odor Eliminator That Actually Works

Finding an odor eliminator that’s effective and pet-friendly is no small feat. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a product!

What’s the one downfall of sharing your life with a dog? Sometimes they stink! Whether he’s had a run-in with a skunk or likes to roll in gross substances, chances are your pup has brought a yucky smell or two into your home. It’s important to have a handy odor eliminator in your tool kit for such an occasion. And not just any odor eliminator will do. The key is to find a product that cuts through smells as opposed to just covering them up — and of course, it has to be pet-friendly!


When it comes to eliminating nasty odors, the most important thing to know is which products to avoid. Many common “air fresheners” are harmful to our dogs and cats, and don’t actually do anything to get rid of bad smells. Most of them contain artificial fragrances, alcohols and solvents that work to disguise odors, not combat them. They also pose a risk to your pet’s respiratory system — and yours!

If the odor eliminator you use smells suspiciously like flowers, pine needles or perfume, it’s safe to assume that it contains phthalates — toxic chemicals added as a fragrance. Phthalates have been linked to headaches, dizziness, allergic rashes, coughing, vomiting and skin irritation in humans. For pets with allergies or sensitivities, artificial fragrances can be even more irritating, and can lead to similar symptoms.

In short, the healthiest and most effective way to combat odors isn’t to cover them up, but to target them at the source.


To fully understand how to eliminate bad odor, it’s beneficial to understand what odor is. There are three distinct odor components that make up biological odor:

  1. A biological excretion or Decomposition such as urine, feces, vomit, sweat, skunk spray, meat, fish, cigarette smoke, etc.
  2. Odor-producing bacteria that feeds on the biological excretion and produces an abundance of odor molecules.
  3. Odor molecules are what your nose identifies as odor, produced by odor-causing bacteria feeding on biological excretion.

In order to permanently destroy biological odor, all three odor components must be eliminated by an odor elimination product. If these three components are not eliminated, the odor will remain or naturally return.


It’s not easy to find a pet-friendly odor eliminator that works — but it’s not impossible. SCOE 10X is the only odor eliminator that eliminates all three components of odor. Using probiotics, this concentrated product:

  • Attacks and eliminates the biological excretion
  • Starves odor-causing bacteria so no more odor molecules can be produced
  • Immediately captures and destroys all odor molecules that are present.

SCOE 10X is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, environmentally- friendly and — most importantly — safe for use on and around pets.

To learn more about odor and how this product can help, visit SCOE 10X.

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