This Unique Product Uses Probiotics to Naturally Eliminate Odors!

If you have a dog or cat in your household, then messy problems occasionally come with the territory. Most of us view it as a small price to pay for the joy and unconditional love dogs and cats add to our lives. That price becomes even smaller when you have a product that gets rid of those smells and stains easily and successfully!


One such product is SCOE 10X, a unique and effective on-contact odor eliminator that will permanently eradicate dog and cat odors, as well as other unwanted organic smells such as smoke and fuel… and it’s even confidently backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee! But before we get into what this product is, and how it works, let’s delve a bit into the science of odor.


  1. A biological excretion or decomposition, such as urine, feces, vomit, sweat, skunk spray, meat, fish, cigarette smoke, etc.
  2. Odor-producing bacteria that feed on the biological excretion and produce lots and lots of odor molecules.
  3. Odor molecules, which are what your nose actually identifies as the smell.

In order to completely banish an odor, all three of these components must be eliminated; if they’re not, the smell will remain or return.


SCOE 10X is a beneficial probiotic odor eliminator, which makes it very different from all other so-called odor eliminators. This product uses probiotics to simultaneously perform three necessary odor-eliminating functions, thereby ensuring permanent eradication of all the components of biological odor mentioned above.

  1. Digest Biological Source: SCOE 10X attacks, destroys and eliminates the biological excretion.
  2. Starve Bacteria: Since the product eliminates the excretion, odor-causing bacteria are now without food and therefore die. Consequently, no more odor molecules are produced.
  3. Capture & Destroy: Using advanced odor elimination technology, SCOE 10X immediately captures and destroys all odor molecules that are present.

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