Why ultra-specific processing is the key to colostrum

colostrum benefits

Colostrum is the immune system in liquid form. It’s nature’s way of providing neonates (newborn animals) with an amazing collection of bioactive substances that enhance survival and quality of life from birth to maturity
and beyond.

Scientific studies have also proven the benefits of whole colostrum for adult animals.


The importance of high-quality colostrum starts with the animal’s mother. Many of the world’s commercial dairies use artificial stimulation via hormone injections to enhance milk production at the cost of the mom’s “immunity factory,” resulting in poor quality colostrum. Additionally, the use of pig plasma as colostrum replacements has spread all sorts of never-before-seen abnormalities and dysfunctional colostrum. In short, many colostrum-derived products are low in bioactive components and high in marketing hype.


The key to high-quality colostrum is ultra-specific processing (USP), in which it has all undesirable substances removed while preserving all bioactive components:

• First step: Testing each received unit of colostrum from each farm for quality control items such as somatic cell count, IgG (Immunoglobulin G) concentration, antibiotic residue, synthetic hormones, pesticides, rancidity and wholesomeness.

• Second step: Removing the macro-impurities such as mucus, blood cells and other particles; microfiltration is an important part of this process.

• Third step: Using a proprietary process and filtering method with minimal heat (less than when it’s first produced in the cow) to ensure maximum bioactivity of all nutritional components.

The resulting liquid for a finished product comes from combining large pools of certified colostrum from many farms, resulting in highly diverse antibodies. Liquid destined for powder is concentrated five times to 30% IgG concentration. After further processing and drying, an antibody level of at least 25% remains. This is where the addition of specific components or the concentration of specific bioactive proteins takes place.

Supporting the Microbiome

BIOactorTM colostrum helps establish the right mix of beneficial microbiota in the large intestine. This provides an added defense against pathogens, and offers valuable metabolites to the animal. Our scientific group identified over 140 oligosaccharides in BIOactorTM, which gives it powerful prebiotic activity.


McIntosh Pro Line Products has developed state-of-the-art filtration techniques to create BIOactorTM colostrum, a product that’s not only pure and bioactive, but blended to allow for specific effects. For example, we easily concentrate lactoferrin and various cytokines to achieve a more efficient delivery of these components than native colostrum.

BIOactorTM colostrum contains many factors that can support and modulate the immune system in various ways. Immune factors work in tandem with other colostrum components to ensure that multiple angles of protection are in place. Several immune factors in bovine colostrum have inherent antiviral and/or antibacterial activity: lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, and lysozyme. These immune factors are powerful proteins with antiviral and antibacterial properties that disrupt pathogens through several different mechanisms.

By concentrating the low molecular-weight proteins that enhance the efficiency of Ig absorption, and by providing other components that aid in defense against microorganisms, BIOactorTM is the perfect complement to all neonatal nutrition enhancement needs.

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