Upgrade Your Pup’s Style with a Luxurious Leather Dog Collar

Dog collars are a dime a dozen, but your fur baby is one of a kind and deserves nothing but the best. And that includes outfitting your pup with a luxurious leather dog collar!

Dogily collars are the perfect combination of luxury and functionality, and they can even help to keep your pooch safe. What’s more, you can pair them with a Dogily pet tag to perk up your pup’s style. Even better, you can buy yourself a matching pendant to make a bold statement about the strong bond you share with your canine companion.

Comfortable and Superior Accessories for Any Pup

Collars are a necessity when you’re a dog parent, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for run-of-the-mill accessories.

Most dog collars on the market are made with inferior synthetic materials. But not Dogily collars! They’re 100 percent cow leather, so they’re high-quality, durable, soft, and non-irritating for sensitive skin. Plus, your pup can wear it year-round in any weather.

They come in sizes small and large, with adjustable lengths to fit most pups, from a mid-sized Malinois to a massive mastiff. And you have your choice between black and brown leather to match any breed or fur color.

But let’s talk about the icing on the cake: each Dogily dog collar is finished with a beautiful gold-plated latch that won’t rust. Gone are the days of fiddling with annoying buckles: the quick latch releases and fastens the collar in a snap!

Dogily Collars Help You Keep an Eye on Your Pup

Your pet’s safety is a top priority, and there’s nothing scarier than a lost pup. That’s why so many pet parents have started using AirTags to track the whereabouts of their dogs. AirTags are location tracking devices that use Bluetooth signals to find lost items—including pets!

Dogily collars have been specially outfitted with a built-in slot that keeps your pup’s AirTag securely fastened to the collar, just in case anything happens. Dogily collars safeguard the AirTag so that you know where your fur baby is at all times.

Take Your Luxury Collar to the Next Level with Pet Tags and Matching Accessories for Mom

One of the best parts about Dogily dog collars is that you can accessorize them! They pair perfectly with our pet tags, which include 14K PVD gold and rose gold tags in heart and butterfly designs. Do you want to hear the best part of all? Our butterfly and heart pet tags have matching pendants for mom!

Another option is to customize your pup’s collar: accessorize the collar with an 18K PVD pendant with their first initial for a unique collar and pet tag combo.

Visit Dogily today to get your hands on a luxurious leather collar for your pooch, and be sure to check out the pet tags, matching pendants for dog moms, scarves, and more!

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