Biologically Appropriate Diets — At the Heart of Champion Petfoods

This company draws on over 35 years of experience to craft biologically appropriate diets for dogs and cats.

Among the top ways to ensure optimal health for dogs and cats is to feed them biologically appropriate diets. One company that has long been at the leading edge of this approach is Champion Petfoods, makers of ORIJEN® and ACANA® pet food lines.

“Champion Petfoods was founded in 1985 in a small town in Alberta, Canada,” says Jen Beechen, Vice President of Marketing. “We have been pioneers in crafting premium food for dogs and cats, and specializing in foods that are biologically appropriate. That means our recipes always start with the finest WholePrey ingredients from both fresh and raw animal sources, from suppliers we know and trust.”

Biologically appropriate diets are rich in fresh, whole meat, a fact many manufacturers of commercially-prepared pet foods have lost sight of. “Since both species are carnivores, a diet high in animal-derived protein is essential to ensuring they are not only surviving, but thriving,” says Jen. “By prioritizing premium animal ingredients, we’re respecting the ancestral diet that dogs and cats were always meant to eat. Our focus on fresh and raw ingredients also means we’re able to lean on naturally-occurring elements, such as Omega-3 fatty acids from wild-caught fish, rather than over-supplementation.”

Champion’s pet food lines, ORIJEN and ACANA, were developed using these principles. “ACANA was created with a strong focus on fresh, quality ingredients,” says Jen. “The first two ingredients in every recipe are always from quality animal sources like grass-fed meat, free-run* poultry or wild-caught or responsibly-farmed fish, all balanced with fruit, vegetables and botanicals.” As for the ORIJEN line, the name itself says it all, since it’s the Latin name for “origin”. “This food mimics the diets dogs and cats naturally evolved to eat. The first five ingredients come from premium quality animal ingredients in WholePrey ratios, meaning we use the most nutrient-dense and succulent parts of the prey: muscle meat, organs and bone.”

According to Jen, Champion Petfoods is also committed to supporting the pet community. “This year, we became the official food sponsor of Best Friends Animal Society. We’ve committed to feeding 2.5 million meals each year to the animals at their Lifesaving Centers. We also support 40 rescue organizations in the US and Canada with food donations.” Champion Petfoods is also a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

The company is just as committed to quality today as it was three decades ago. “When you find a pet food you feel strongly is contributing to the overall health of your own dogs and cats, you want to share it with everyone, and that’s exactly how I feel,” Jen adds. “I have two rescue Chihuahuas and a rescue Chow mix and am proud to feed them our foods and know they are getting the best. I love seeing the difference these foods have made in their lives, which makes sharing the benefits with animal lovers everywhere that much more special — and fun!”

*Their free-run chickens and turkeys are not housed in cages and are able to move in a barn without outdoor access.

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