Why the carnivore diet is the best for your pet

carnivore diet

Diet is at the core of your pet’s health. A high protein, raw carnivore diet for your dog or cat is what will help your pet thrive no matter what stage of life they are in.

Not convinced your pet should be on a raw carnivore diet? Here are the main reasons why a carnivore diet is the optimal diet for your dog or cat.

1)   The carnivore diet is species specific

Dogs and cats in the wild primarily eat meat and have done so since the beginning of time. Our dogs and cats also have a physiology that reflects that of a carnivore including short digestive systems meant to digest meat quickly.

The diet that fits your pet’s physiology is the most natural diet for them and will help them feel the best long term. That’s why it’s not uncommon for pet parents to see positive changes to their pets’ health and well-being once they switch their pet over to a raw carnivore diet.

2)   Health and chronic illness

It’s been proven that the diet you feed your pet has a direct correlation to whether your pet will develop a chronic disease in their lifetime.

Chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and autoimmune diseases are linked to eating an inappropriate diet. Dogs on a raw diet, however, do not suffer from these problems in most cases, and a raw diet can help improve your pet’s health if they are struggling with these chronic conditions.

3)   Other diets are toxic

A raw diet doesn’t have all the added chemicals, fillers or toxic ingredients that commercial pet food has. A raw carnivore diet is all-natural without any additives, making it easier on your pet’s system

This alone makes a raw carnivore diet the healthier option for your four-legged friend.

4)   Energy

Have you noticed that your dog or cat seems lazy and lethargic? This could be linked to their diet. Many pet parents find that once they switch their dog or cat over to a raw carnivore diet, their pet becomes more alert, energetic and playful.

5)   Mood

Dogs and cats that have anxiety, depression or other mood-related issues can show significant improvement once on the right diet for them.

Raw carnivore diets can help calm anxious dogs and can decrease depression symptoms making them happier and more engaged with life.

Feeding a species-appropriate diet is feeding your dog or cat how nature intended. Want to learn how to feed your pet raw properly?

Holistic Animal Studies offers two courses that will help you navigate the carnivore diet successfully so your pet can thrive!

The Transition your Pet to a Raw Diet course will teach you how to ease your pet into a new, raw diet step-by-step.

The Holistic Carnivore Nutrition course is a more comprehensive course for the pet parent who wants to learn the diet inside and out for the betterment of their pet!

Enroll in the Transition your Pet to a Raw Diet or Holistic Carnivore Nutrition course today and see a world of difference in your pet’s health and well-being!

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