There’s Much Ado About Gut Health. So What’s All the Fuss About?

There’s been a lot of talk about gut health lately, and if you’re like a lot of other pet parents, then you’re probably wondering what more you could do to promote better gut health for your dog or cat. Don’t worry—MuttGut and KittyGut have your back!

People spend over $500 million each year on pet supplements, and a growing portion of that is going toward products that promote gut health. In fact, gut health products and probiotics for dogs and cats are the top sellers when it comes to pet supplements.

Gut health for dogs and cats is extremely important, and MuttGut and KittyGut are here to make it easier than ever before to help your companion animals.

A Diverse and Robust Microbiome Will Improve Your Pet’s Health!

It has been established that the gut’s function is not only digestion, but the gut microbiome also plays an integral role in a healthy immune response. In other words, a healthy gut for dogs and cats can make for a happy, healthy, and well protected pet.

One of the key components of healthy gut flora is diversity, meaning lots of strains of beneficial bacteria. And that’s where MuttGut & KittyGut for dogs and cats alike become key. These friendly microorganisms can support digestive health and bolster your pup’s or kitty’s immune system. By helping to balance and diversify cat and dog gut flora, these pre, pro & postbiotic formulas are improving:

  • diarrhea & constipation
  • bloating, gas, and vomiting
  • allergy symptoms & hot spots
  • skin & coat
  • hip & joint health

…just for a start…

MuttGut and KittyGut Are Supercharged Gut Support

Prebiotics are compounds that help friendly bacteria to flourish. Probiotics, we all know, are essential good bacteria that keep bad bacteria in check. But what are Postbiotics?

Postbiotics are the beneficial by-products of prebiotics and probiotics, and they include metabolites, peptides, and amino acids. What’s more, a proprietary fermentation process accelerates the production and challenges the microbes to make the postbiotics more robust and more bioavailable.

MuttGut and KittyGut are not your grandma’s probiotics! These are the only all-natural, human-grade, organic pet gut health formulas that use a proprietary 3-in-1 approach of prebiotics + probiotics + postbiotics combined with active ingredients bentonite clay and turmeric. The fermented turmeric is supercharged and may literally give your pet superhero status when you experience the benefits of less stinky poop!

Along with having prebiotics and postbiotics, MuttGut and KittyGut are also unique because they contain 135 billion CFUs per 90-gram bag and 30+ strains of good bacteria. The hand-selected ingredients are top-notch, which is why the sun-dried, fermented turmeric has such a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity. And another thing that’s special about MuttGut and KittyGut is the bentonite clay, which helps sooth and heal the digestive tract while transporting the pre, pro, and postbiotics where they need to go!

MuttGut and KittyGut are manufactured in the U.S. with 100% all-natural, organic, human-grade ingredients, and they’re tested and formulated in an FDA-approved laboratory. The proprietary formula was created by MuttGut founder Michelle Griffin & Dr. Gitte Jensen, Immunologist and Research Director at NIS Labs.

Truly “love your dog/cat inside and out” today! Visit MuttGut and buy yours now.

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