Helping People by Helping Pets

PAWS NY is a charitable organization that supports people who need a little extra help caring for their animal companions. They pair volunteers with pet parents so that animals and their humans can stay together as long as possible.

As pet guardians, we’re always looking for the best ways to keep our four-legged friends happy and healthy. But what about people who have trouble caring for their companion animals, both physically and financially? When age, illness, or disability makes it difficult to go out for a walk or bend down to scoop the litter box, Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS NY) is there to help people by helping their pets.

A Range of Services for Pet Parents in Need

Based in NYC, PAWS NY provides pet care support for older adults or individuals living with illness or disability.

“I’m a retired person and I live alone,” said one PAWS NY client. “I have a lot of health issues and having [my dog] Lucius has been a very important thing in my life. I learn a lot from him and how much he cares for me.”

To qualify for services, individuals must live at home and need ongoing assistance with pet care, be a New York City resident with impaired mobility, and meet the organization’s low-income requirement. Thanks to thousands of volunteers who donate their time, PAWS NY provides:

  • Dog walking
  • Litter box maintenance
  • Medication administration
  • Transportation to and from the vet
  • Providing animals with food and water
  • And more!

“Our organization values the human-animal bond and the symbiotic relationship that people share with their pets,” says Rachel Herman, Founder and Executive Director of PAWS NY. “By making sure pets are cared for and have all that they need, we are helping families stay together and allowing New Yorkers to truly benefit from this mutually-beneficial bond.”

PAWS NY Programs for Clients and Beyond

As an organization, PAWS NY offers the following programs and services:

  1. The Housecall Program is the core program through which volunteers provide home visits to clients and provide basic animal care services. Clients who are eligible for and enrolled in the Housecall Program may receive support through supplemental programs.
  2. Additional Programs, which include a:
    • Pet Pantry that delivers food and pet supplies
    • Referral Network to other low-cost or free pet care and social services
    • Veterinary Care Program, which includes funds for vet visits, discounts from partner vets, and volunteers to help with transportation
  1. The Foster and Emergency Care Program, wherein PAWS NY provides animal foster care or emergency home visits when an individual is hospitalized or spending time in a rehabilitation center. This program is available to all low-income New Yorkers, regardless of their status as PAWS NY clients.

As we close out Pet Wellness Month, it’s important to remember animal guardians who have physical challenges when it comes to daily pet care. By helping these families with their day-to-day needs, we can help pet parents and their furry friends thrive and support the human-animal bond that these families share.

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