Skip the Processing, Feed Your Pets a Living Food Nutrient-Rich Diet

living food

Like most humans, pets often lack essential nutrients in their foods. Each year, hundreds of dollars are spent on expensive processed foods that are filled with preservatives and nutrient replacers. Why not provide your pets with the high-quality living food they deserve? Supplement your pet’s regular food regimen with healthy, nutrient-dense grass and sprouts or microgreens. Your cats, dogs and birds will love you for it!

Living Foods Encourage Healthy Body Function in Animals

What are living foods? They are foods containing living organisms that aid in gut health, digestion, energy, eyesight, and so much more. As humans, we consume this type of food in the form of fermented and raw fruits, vegetables, dairy, seeds, sprouts, microgreens, etc. Adding even an occasional raw, living food treat can make a difference in the well-being of your pets too. In fact, they may already be seeking these foods out. Have you ever noticed how much your cat or dog loves to chew on grass? This is because of a natural instinct used to protect their digestive systems from potential parasites. The only problem is that not all grasses are safe. 

You can help your cats and dogs maintain a healthy digestive system by providing safe pet grass for them to chew on as they please. Pet grass is simply wheatgrass, rye, barley, or oat microgreens. Wheatgrass and other microgreens are known for a whole host of benefits to both humans and animals. It is also the safest grass for your pets to chew on. Try growing your own with an easy-to-use kit. If you are always on the go, try using a self-watering pet grass kit that is sure to keep your grass fresh and crisp for weeks at a time. True Leaf Market pets, including our cats Krueger and Taylor, absolutely love to nibble on some fresh cat grass or catnip for its calming effects. 

While we recommend that anyone supply their cats and dogs with fresh pet grass and herbs, complete homemade food plans should be formulated with a veterinary nutritionist to make sure your pets are getting everything they need for a healthy life. 

Sprout Birdseed for Boosted Nutrients

Birds have a natural living food diet with seeds as the main component. But it can actually be improved upon by offering them sprouted birdseed. Sprouted seeds offer a higher nutrient density, lower fat content, are easier to digest, and are easier for young and small birds to eat. Help your birds benefit from an array of vitamins and minerals with a sprouting birdseed mix

In addition to sprouts, birds also enjoy eating microgreens. Microgreens are the young seedling after they have germinated and sprouted their cotyledon leaves. Microgreen seeds safe for birds, such as parrots, include arugula, barley, beets, broccoli, clover, peas, radish, wheat, and more. 

Give your pets an enjoyable mealtime experience with the variety of flavors and textures sprouts and microgreens have to offer. Keep your pets happy and healthy with a living food diet. 

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