4 Things That Will Keep Your Dog Safe and Healthy

Need help dog-proofing your life? The four health and safety tips we have for you today will make your life easier and give you peace of mind about your pup.

Nothing is more important to a dog parent than the safety and well-being of their pup. Whether you’re a seasoned animal guardian or bringing your first puppy into your home, these four tips will help keep your fur baby safe, sound, and healthy for life!

1. Dog-Proof Your Home

There are hazards around every house for dogs, but dog-proofing is easy if you know where to look. Here are some quick pointers:

  • Put food and dangerous substances (cleaning supplies, medication, cosmetics, etc.) out of reach
  • Lock cabinets that contain things your dog shouldn’t get into
  • Tuck away loose or dangling wires so your dog can’t trip or chew
  • Place poisonous plants up high
  • Remove small objects (choking hazards) from your dog’s reach
  • Keep shoes in closets

2. Escape-Proof Everything!

The American Humane Society estimates that about 10 million dogs and cats get lost every year. You can make your home, yard, and walks safer for your dog. For example, before you go for a walk, ensure that your pup’s collar/harness is securely fastened and that the leash isn’t broken or frayed.

Around the house, don’t leave doors or windows open and train your pup not to run out the door without your permission. Outside, a fenced yard is a great way to keep your dog safe. Make sure the fence is tall enough that your dog can’t jump over. You may also need to reinforce the bottom with chicken wire or remove climbing aids.

3. Exercise Their Bodies and Brains

Dogs need exercise and play for their physical and mental health. Depending on a dog’s breed, age, and weight, they could need between 30 minutes and two hours of activity each day! Most dog parents don’t time the amount of exercise their dogs get, but with a pet activity tracker, the device will do it for you!

4. Keep an Eye on Their Whereabouts and Activities

No matter how much escape-proofing and preparation you do, there’s always a possibility that your dog could get lost. But you can stay one step ahead by outfitting your dog with a pet location tracker.

Pawfit 3s is a two-in-one pet location and activity tracker! It has a live tracking feature to find a lost dog, a virtual fence that alerts you if your pup leaves the yard, fitness goals and monitoring, and so much more! There’s even a special collar that pairs perfectly with the tracker to keep it securely fastened to your pup.

Visit Pawfit to learn more about how the Pawfit 3s tracker and collar can keep your dog safer, healthier, and happier.

Have a lost pet who’s not wearing a location tracker? Hit up social media pages dedicated to lost animals in your area, call your local animal shelter, call your local police department, and go old school with posters.

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